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Durham City Golf Club - 03/04/17

This was the second time we have played the Durham City course. On this occasion we were told that we were still on winter tees. I didn't quite understand what that meant until we got to the 7th, which was closed. This is compensated for by an additional hole between 11 and 12. This, of course, plays havoc with the hole numbering, and while my Garmin GPS device gave the winter course option, my Game Golf device didn't recognise the change. Game Golf, therefore, correctly showed no shots against Hole 7, but then added the shots for the 'additional hole' onto those for Hole 10!

The game didn't start too well. A confusion over the tee time led to me arriving there to find four chaps already waiting. It was just after 10:10 and I had expected to tee off at 10:20. However, they said that we were due to tee off at 10:16; i.e. almost immediately. With no time to warm up, or even take a practice swing, I walked to the tee and promptly took an air shot. I hit the ball with the next attempt, but was thick and took a slice of grass off the nicely prepared tee box. Totally embarrassing, and the shot only went about 70 yards. The rest of 1st was scrappy after that unceremonious start. I took a 9 but that didn't include the air shot as I felt morally entitled to ignore the rushed start.

Things settled down a bit after that, with a 5 on the 2nd (par 3), and a 6 on both the 3rd and 4th par 4s. A 4 on the 5th (par 3) was followed by a 7 on the 6th, this being the stroke index one hole. I then played each of the next three par 4 holes in 6, giving me a total of 55 out, which wasn't too bad after the disaster on the 1st. My tee shots and the majority of my fairway shots were taken with hybrids, the 20 degree club being the most used. I was hitting fairly straight but the distances were down, the average being around 125-130 yards, which isn't that good.

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Durham City Golf Club - 15/08/16

We took our clubs to Durham and played the Durham City course with Helen's mum, who's recently joined, having only taken up golf a couple of years ago. On a beautiful sunny day we teed off at 13.24 on this picturesque and well-maintained course. What could go wrong?

I took my 5-wood and left the driver at home. On the 1st, a par 5, the tee shot went a little right but the next 5-wood was a corker at 184 yards. Unfortunately I then put a hybrid shot into the trees to the right but managed to play out with a 7-iron, and then chip on with the same club for 5. Two putts gave me a nett bogey 7. Not a bad start.

The second is a par 3 and my 5-wood again went right. I chipped on with the 7-iron but needed three putts to finish for a nett bogey 5.

The 3rd has the River Browny running along the right so I forsook the 5-wood and teed off with my 20 degree hybrid. It went over trees to the left but when I reached the ball it wasn't in trouble. Trees impeded a forward shot so I chipped out to the middle of the fairway. Another good 5-wood got me just short of the green from where I pitched on with the 9-iron and two putted for a nett bogey 6. So far, so good.

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