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Lakeside Lodge - Church Course - 18/04/16

The main course was busy today. We had no problem playing on it over the winter but now the weather has improved slightly a new cohort of golfers are out and about. We decided, therefore, to play the Church Course, a 6-hole course that's due to close later this year. In the past I've used this course as a practice area, as it's not all that popular with the 'serious' golfers.

Today, however, our decision was a mistake. With all the rain we've had recently the course was effectively waterlogged. The rough was impossible and the fairway grass was ridiculously long, making any kind of shot a bit of a lottery. And the greens were more like the surrounding aprons, needing a fairly bold putt to get anywhere. In such conditions practice is almost pointless, as you're playing in conditions that you would hope never to meet in a normal game.

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