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Rutland Water Golf Club - 28/07/17

As I foretold in my previous report, yesterday I went to Rutland Water with the Mad Cats' society. A day full of promise, having watched the fly-over of the 18-hole championship course on the web site, amusingly narrated by Peter Alliss. The weather forecast was for a bright and breezy day, so I wore a light shirt and a sleeveless pullover. Well, as is often the case of late, the forecast was woefully wrong. It was heavily overcast and at times the 'breeze' made it difficult to maintain ones balance when trying to tee off. And there was a constant threat of light drizzle but fortunately we suffered only one brief shower.

Add to this uninviting ambiance the fact that our round took no less than five and a quarter hours, and you will not be surprised that I got very cold, and about midway through the back nine I think I psychologically gave up. Things had been going wrong and with all the adverse influences of weather and personal comfort I think my concentration just drifted away. The result, a fairly average front nine and an absolutely disastrous return.

Because we were playing a Stableford competition I didn't putt out on all the holes. This makes a stroke total meaningless and my Game Golf system can't cope with this situation. I did, however, complete all holes on the front nine so have included a partial scorecard for these holes. I'm not going to give a blow-by-blow account as it would make monotonous reading, the gist of the matter being that I had a very good day with my driver, hitting all the fairways on the front nine with some impressive (for me) distances, but my ground play just fell apart. This is a complete reversal of where I've been with my golf up until now. My tee shots have been a weakness, with my fairway hybrids in particular performing very well, and my once terrible iron shots being much better. But at Rutland Water I had hardly any long, clean hybrids off the fairway and I added greatly to my shots because of badly hit irons. It was really quite frustrating. The wind was obviously a factor but if anything it should have affected the tee shots more, so I can't really place all the blame there.

So, to pick out some highlights:

I had four drives in excess of 200 yards, the best being 219 yards off the 1st tee, which was a surprise and a relief as the tension builds before the first shot of the day, not helped by a crowd waiting behind you when you're on a society day. I proceeded to mess up the 1st by shanking my third shot, a 9-iron destined for the green. It in fact ended up behind some trees, and when I played through I didn't take account of the slope of the green. So I watched what initially looked like a perfectly pitched shot roll onto the green and then continue off again into a waiting bunker on the far side. Thus the 8 in the scorecard below.

I had decided to use a hybrid off the tee if the hole was a bit 'tight'. As it was, the course is quite spacious, but on the 3rd I took my 20 degree hybrid off the tee and sent the ball 175 yards, nearly finding a bunker that I had mentally placed out of play with that club. Despite an inelegant 9-iron after the good tee shot I managed to par this hole, my only par of the day.

Hole 3 - Rutland Water - 28 July 2017

After an unexpectedly long drive on the 5th, the ball rolled into the fairway bunker, that again I had mentally ruled out of play. A good 9-iron out of the bunker put me by the green and I managed a 5, which was a good result in the circumstances.

Hole 5 - Rutland water - 28 July 2017

I think that's where the good bits end. The bad bits were short or badly hit fairway hybrids, normally my 'safe bet' clubs, and hardly one iron shot that I can remember being proud of. Even my recently improved chipping wasn't great, although there were some exceptions. Putting was average, the slope and speed of the greens catching me out quite often.

The following graphic from Game Golf shows where I can improve my score based on this round's performance. The evidence is quite clear!

Game Golf improvement chart - 28 July 2017

I think I lost the psychological game after some poor holes at the beginning of the back nine, combined with growing fatigue (it's a hilly course) and a bit of discomfort in the poor conditions. All not helped, as I've already said, by exceptionally slow play. However, I certainly wouldn't mind having another crack at this course.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard for the front nine:

Scorecard - Front 9 - 28 July 2017

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