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Rushden Golf Course - 23/09/16

Today was the Mad Cats outing to Rushden, a new course for me. It wasn't a very satisfying day for a number of reasons, my performance being just one of them. I was in the last group out, which meant a wait of over one and a half hours before teeing off, which is never good. We were a male four-ball following a female four-ball. It was slow, very slow, the round taking just under 5 hours. At least the weather was good, although the wind freshened as we played.

My first problem was that my Garmin device seemed to be showing a different course to the one that I was playing. I later found out that the course had been redesigned, the back nine clearly being very different from the front. When I got home I updated the Garmin over the internet, but it was a bit too late. So I had no distances to work with which resulted in quite a few misjudged shots. Add to that some pretty awful shots and you probably get the picture.

We were playing Stableford so I picked up on a couple of holes where things really went pear-shaped. Holes 10 and 18 on the scorecard are not reported for this reason.

Scorecard - 23 September 2016

A blow by blow account is not warranted so perhaps I will point out the good bits and the disasters.

Hole 2 was a story of pathetic approach shots. After a 155 yard 5-wood off the tee it took a hybrid and four iron shots before I was putting. Enough said.

Hole 4 was a debacle. I thinned the 5-wood off the tee but even though it only made 102 yards at least it was straight. A simple pitch onto the green was all that was then needed, but I shanked into the right hand bunker. It took two to get out and three putts to finish with a 7. With a decent pitch it could have been a 4.

Hole 7 was a minor success. On the green for 3 and two putts for a nett par.

Hole 9 was a good recovery. Having driven into trees on the edge of the central crossing ditch, I dropped, put the next shot on the green and two-putted for a 5.

I picked up on Hole 10 having put two shots out of bounds to the right. To be fair the out-of-bounds boundaries were extremely tight on both sides of the fairway and I should have taken a hybrid for accuracy rather than a wood.

Hole 17 was the highlight of the day. A 213 yard 5-wood off the tee (best to date) followed by a hybrid to just short of the green, a gap wedge on and two putts for a 5. My only 3-point hole for the day.

Hole 18 was another pick up. A tricky par 3 requiring you to play over a ditch that ran from the tee to the edge of the green, and negotiate a tight gap between trees. It was always going to be a challenge. I tried to hit a 5-wood slightly left hoping it would come round to the right, but unfortunately it was a bit too far left and hit a tree. We heard 'wood' but could find the ball. I walked in.

I found the day to be very unsatisfactory. A combination of poor play and lots of waiting about left me feeling that I just wanted to get it over with. My feet were also very sore, the effect of lots of walking while we were on holiday over the past two weeks and nine holes yesterday. It was just one of those days when things didn't gel.

Here's a photograph of the approach to the 17th that perhaps will brighten up an otherwise gloomy report. My 213 yard 5-wood came to rest well over the brow of the hill in front, and my second shot reached just short of the bunker seen in the distance, from where I chipped a gap wedge onto the green.

Hole 17 - Rushden Golf Course - 23 September 2016

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