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Corby Priors Hall - 29/07/16

I came close to winning a prize today and it was only a couple of silly mistakes that robbed me of it. This was my second time at Corby and while the 1st tee is memorable, located as it is at the top of a hill, I couldn't remember much about most of the other holes, although I recognised them as we went around. It was drizzling as we started but this cleared quickly and after a mixture of cloud and sun during the morning it became very warm after midday.

People were having trouble off the first tee, but I landed just off the fairway to the right and then put my next hybrid shot just short of the green. A 7-iron chip and one putt for a par was a very good start and a nett birdie for 3 points.

By contrast the 2nd was very sad. A good 180 yard drive was again followed by a good hybrid leaving me 50 yards from the green. I then shanked my 9-iron into the bunker to the right. The bunkers on this course aren't friendly and I proceeded to have three unsuccessful attempts to get out before picking up for a blob. My auspicious start had been immediately nullified.

I recovered with a 6 on the par 5, 3rd, a nett par. I kept out of trouble all the way, with a drive, two 5-woods, a 9-iron, 7-iron and one putt.

I may have miscounted my shots on the 4th, to my disadvantage I might add. My card showed 7, but when I looked at Game Golf it seems that I may have only taken 6. I can't be sure, but if I did make a mistake then it cost me second place in the friendly competition. I had hit a long drive (for me) of 188 yards, followed by a badly hit 5-wood, then a clean 5-wood that put me just off the green. Game Golf shows a 7-iron chip and two putts. I'm sure that the shots up to the green were as game Golf shows them and my card recorded two putts, so everything points to a 6. But perhaps I took three putts and by mistake wrote 2 on the card.

On the par 3, 5th I laid up to avoid the bunkers and then used the gap wedge, followed by two putts for 4. The par 5, 6th also went well, with a drive, 5-wood and hybrid getting me to the green, and two putts for a par and three points. The 7th was similar, a drive, 5-wood and 9-iron this time getting me on the green, with two putts for 5, three points on this par 4.

The 8th was another par 3, my hybrid tee shot going to the right of the green from where I chipped on with my gap wedge and two-putted for 4 and another two points. And the roll continued on the 9th, a drive, hybrid and gap wedge to the green, and two putts for 5, a nett par for two points.

And then things fell apart on the 10th! It's the index 1 hole but that isn't the reason why I messed up. There's a lake in front of the tee and the fairway ramps up and turns left as you look at it from the tee. Unfortunately my drive drifted right, I think because of the wind, and landed in trees at the top of a bank to the right of the fairway. We couldn't find the ball and as I had two handicap shots in hand I trotted back to the tee to try again. The next group were already waiting on the tee. So out of breath and conscious that I was holding things up, I drove again and did exactly the same thing. This time, however, one of my group saw the ball land. By the time I got back to the ball I was seriously hot and sweaty and really out of breath, and succeeded in making an air shot, then a miss-hit, and finally on the third attempt getting the ball out. I was now on 6 and no further than where my first drive should have taken me. I played a good 5-wood but then put a hybrid in a bunker, from where I picked up.

After the fiasco on the 10th, the 11th offered up a bonus. A drive, hybrid and gap wedge put me on the green, and a single putt gave me a par, but with two handicap shots in hand it was a nett eagle for 4 points. The par 3, 12th, however, wasn't so good. I decided to lay up because of the bunkers, but my tee shot didn't connect cleanly and the ball rolled into a dry ditch. I dropped and took a 9-iron which I shanked into one of the bunkers that I had been trying to avoid. I got out with my gap wedge and putted on, then two putted for 7, a blob.

Corby Priors Hall - Hole 11 - 29 July 2016

Fortunately that was the last blob. I was down in 6 on the par 5, 13th for two points. A drive, 5-wood, hybrid, gap wedge and two putts. The 14th also went well. A drive and hybrid left me a 90 yard pitch to the green, which I made, and two putts for a 5 gave me a nett birdie and three points. The par 3, 15th was also played well. I laid up, pitched up with the gap wedge and two putted for 4, a nett par.

And so it continued on the 16th. Driver, hybrid, gap wedge and two putts for 5, a nett par for two points. On the 17th I drove into a fairway bunker. I used a gap wedge to get out and then hit a good 5-wood to just off the green. I putted on and then two-putted for 6, a nett par for two points.

The par 5, 18th ended the good run. I had put my drive a bit to the left and needed to play over a fairway bunker going forward. I took the 5-wood, which had been working well, but on this occasion I hit along the ground, the ball going into the bunker but running through and out the other side. A better 5-wood shot then sent the ball towards the bottom of the hill that rises to the 18th green, but it had sliced a bit to the right and went into trees. When I got to it I found it had actually run along a green path and I had to play out through trees, keeping the ball low. I needed another shot to get on the green and two putts to finish with a 7, a nett bogey for one point.

In the end I had accumulated 18 points going out and 16 on the return, the total of 34 equalling the third place prize, but somebody else got it on count-back. I was a whisker away from winning the day today, the top score being 36. Besides possibly doing myself out of a point on the 4th, if only I hadn't shanked those 9-irons, or not messed up the 10th. But that's a game of ifs… What it does prove is that on a good day I can compete, which makes me feel good. Some 9-iron practice is needed, and perhaps some bunker practice.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard but without totals as I picked up the ball on two of the holes that I blobbed.

Scorecard - 29 July 2016

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