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Aylesbury Park Golf Club - 17/09/18

We spent a few days at Hartwell House, a very impressive National Trust owned Relais & Chateau hotel, which was only five minutes drive from Aylesbury Vale Golf Course. We had pre-booked but it was very quiet and we enjoyed 18 holes in pleasant weather with nobody holding us up in front, nor pressing us from behind. This is how golf should be.

The 1st hole showed a ditch at 190 yards but it didn't appear anywhere near that far. I took a 7-iron to lay up but soon realised that I should have believed the distance, as I was still a way from the ditch. A weak hybrid shot went left, just missing the ditch but leaving me an 8-iron shot over the edge of trees. I could only hit to the right and the ball ran on, nearly disappearing into the heavy rough. Fortunately it didn't, but my next iron was short, requiring another chip on. Two putts for a 7 gave me a nett bogey, but it was a very shaky start.

The 2nd was a par 3. My hybrid shot was right of the green and my pitch ran across the green, from where I needed to putt on. A single putt gave me a nett par 4. The 3rd was the first of the par 5 holes. After a reasonable drive I topped a 3-wood shot for 55 yards. The next 3-wood was better, followed by a 6-iron to the left of the green. A pitch on and two putts for a nett bogey 7. The 4th was perhaps my best hole. A long (456 yards - index 1) par 4, I hit a good drive (183 yards) followed by a 3-wood fade (170 yards) around the right-hand dogleg. This left me an 8-iron which put me just off the right of the green. A short gap wedge chip left me a single putt for a nett birdie 5.

Holes 4 & 7 - 17 September 2018

Holes 4 and 7, probably my best two holes.

The 5th is a long par 3 at 205 yards. My hybrid made 193 yards but was to the left of the green. A pitch, putt on and two further putts gave me a nett par 5. The 6th was my only true par. A good drive followed by an equally good hybrid left me a putt on and one putt for 4. The 7th is a 517 yard par 5. Although my drive was on the short side, two good 3-woods left me an 8-iron to the green, where two putts made it a nett birdie 6. My hybrid was short on the par 3, 8th, but a pitch on and two putts gave me a nett par 4. The 9th didn't go too well. My drive went left leaving me a shot over trees back to the fairway. I was then short with an 8-iron lay-up in front of the lateral ditch. My next shot was also short, so I didn't actually get on the green until my 5th. Two putts just scraped me a point with a nett bogey 7.

The front 9 total was 49 shots and 18 points, so for once I had played to handicap.

The back 9 started better on the par 3, 10th. My tee shot was woefully short but the next got me just off the green, leaving a putt on and one putt for a nett par 4. On the 11th, none of my shots were long, but I made my way down the middle with three average strikes, followed by a putt on and one putt for a nett birdie 5. The 12th was the first real disaster. A 6-iron off the tee was badly struck and the ball went into heavy rough. I muscled it out for 15 yards. I then underplayed my gap wedge twice, following these with a putt on and one putt for a blobbed 6. My first blob of the day.

The par 5, 13th redeemed things. A longish drive and a good 3-wood left me a shot to the green. I needed two, and then two putted for a nett birdie 6. On the 14th you could either chance clearing the lateral ditch or lay up. I chose the latter, but hit a bad tee shot sending the ball right, to the edge of the rough. I took a 6-iron out and then hit a fair 3-wood, leaving a pitch on for 4. Two putts for a nett bogey 6. The 15th was the nightmare hole. It is a par 3, but at 163 yards into wind that's a driver for me. My first drive went left into the heavy rough, where there was zero chance of finding the ball. I took a second tee shot and did the same again. I wasn't going to take a third, so elected to take a two penalty drop near where the first drive went in. Not strictly to the rules but the hole was already blobbed. However, I did pitch on from the drop and two-putted for 6.

The 16th was much better. A drive, 3-wood and hybrid left me a pitch on and a single putt for a nett birdie 5. The 17th is another par 5. A drive, 3-wood and hybrid left me with a pitch to the green, but I was a long way from the pin and three-putted for a nett bogey 7. The 18th once again had a lateral ditch that I thought I could clear. However, conscious of trees immediately to the left, I aimed the drive right, only to hit a bank of small trees along the line of the ditch. We couldn't find the ball, so I dropped out of the lateral hazard. Two mediocre 3-woods didn't recover lost ground and then I was short with my pitch. Finally getting on the green for 5, I two putted for a blobbed 8, including the penalty shot.

With 53 shots inbound and 13 points, the round totals were 102 shots, 31 points and 30 putts. I wasn't displeased given this was a new course for us. If I had managed the lateral ditches better and avoided the two par 3 disasters, this would have been a very creditable round.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 17 September 2018

Although I had three blobs, there was only one 8, which makes this one of my more consistent rounds.

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