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Lakeside Lodge - Manor Course - 03/07/17

We hadn't booked a tee time on the Lodge Course today so went up to the Manor. I rather like the Manor. It's usually less busy than the Lodge and I find it more varied. It's also quite a narrow course that demands a degree of accuracy.

The 1st tee is now further forward, the owner having developed a couple of houses where the men's tee used to be. Now you tee off over one lake, rather than the two lakes as before. It's in fact the former ladies tee. At 115 yards it's short with a lake immediately behind the green. My 27 degree hybrid did the job, the ball settling just off the right of the green. I putted on and single putted for a par, a nett birdie.

After a reasonable tee shot on the 2nd my 9-iron was short. This green also has a lake immediately behind it, so short is better than long. I decided to try the lob wedge, which I put in the bag after my trip to Pavenham last Friday. I struck the ground a bit behind the ball with the result that the ball went only a few yards. I then did the same thing again. In fairness it's a club I was lent and I've never used it before. Still short of the green I putted on then two-putted for a bogey 7.

The 3rd is a 90 yard par 3, over a lake. I've put many a ball in that lake, and had taken to using my hybrid to ensure that I cleared it. However, with my iron play improving of late I went with my 8-iron and got over, but went off the right side of the green. A more successful lob wedge put me back on and I two-putted for a nett par 4.

I pulled the tee shot on the 4th and ended up under a conifer in the left side trees. I took a drop as the ball wasn't playable and cleared out from a bad lie with my 8-iron. My next hybrid got me to within pitching distance of the green, my 8-iron shot going to the right of the green. I pitched on and two-putted for a nett bogey 8 (7 + penalty).

The 5th is a longish par 3 . My tee shot went right and then bounced further right into bushes just short of the green. My first attempt at a low shot out didn't clear the long grass, the next going a bit too far across the green. Unfortunately I then three-putted for 6, which is a blob.

The 6th is a challenging 563 yard par 5, with a left-hand dogleg around a lake. I had a good tee shot but was a bit too far to the left of the fairway to get around the dogleg. I took a shorter hybrid for the next shot putting the ball over to the right of the fairway. The next hybrid was as good as it gets (170 yards), leaving me with a 90 yard shot to the green. I took a 9-iron the ball landing off the right of the green, and the pitch on was long, leaving me with a long downhill putt. I was tentative with it, not wanting the ball to roll way past the pin, but in fact I was well short. I missed the next putt and tapped in for a nett bogey 8, disappointing after such a good approach.

The 7th is an uphill tee shot and I didn't reach the fairway. However, I had a good hybrid shot from the rough, leaving me a lob wedge pitch onto the green. Two putts gave me a nett birdie 5.

On the par 3, 8th I had a clean and straight tee shot that just didn't quite make the green. My 8-iron chip rolled off the back of the green, from where I putted on and single-putted for a nett par 4.

The 9th is an awkward hole. Trees on the right restrict the width, while the bank and trees to the left turn outwards leaving a small window to aim at. I managed a really good tee shot that just stayed clear of the trees on the right, making 171 yards. I then put my 8-iron shot over the high tree that obstructs the straight line to the pin, the ball just touching leaves at the top of the tree. My pitch on left a putt that needed care if I was to avoid going long and running down the slope that divides this green into two levels. Consequently I was short, then I missed a fairly easy putt, which would have given me a creditable 5, finally putting the ball down for a nett par 6.

If one allows for the fact that I wasted two shots trying out the lob wedge on the 2nd this wasn't a bad round. I had some very good shots and am feeling much more confident with my irons. I only had one really wide tee shot, on the 4th. Putting was again a bit suspect. I think I need to practise. This course is only a par 34, so my score of 51 isn't quite as good as it would be on a par 36 course. I totalled 15 Stableford points.

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Scorecard - 03 July 2017

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