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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 28/08/17

Well, it certainly was busy at the course today, being a bank holiday. The buggies were lining up like a wagon train and it was amazing that we had managed to get an 11:08 tee time. It was clearly going to be a bit slow out there, but the weather was fine with warm sun and little wind, although a breeze got up later in the round.

Yet again things were going well until I managed to screw it up with a disastrous 8th, followed by a not-much-better 9th. If I could get round the course without messing up a hole I think I could consistently come in with under 50 for nine holes.

The drive on the 1st was turning a bit right and ran into the ditch. After a penalty drop I played a couple of hybrids, leaving me an 8-iron pitch, which I thinned a bit but it wasn't too long, stopping just off the right of the green. A putt on and a single putt for a nett bogey 7. On the 2nd I always steer the drive left because of the ditch to the right, and today it just missed the trees coming to rest centre fairway at 185 yards. My 8-iron was again a bit thin, settling off the back of the green. A 7-iron chip-and-run and two putts for a nett par 5.

I used my driver on the short 3rd and went right. I found a ball under the willow tree and played it on, only to discover when I went to putt that it wasn't mine. How anybody lost a ball in such plain sight amazes me. I went back and found my ball, which was in longer grass. I again played on but was this time further from the hole and needed two putts for a nett birdie 4. For the second time in succession I passed the 200 yard mark with my drive on the 4th. I then took the pitching wedge to lay up short of the lake, but I hit it 129 yards, which would have reached the lake if I hadn't placed the ball to the right. Another pitching wedge put me towards the back of the green and two putts gave me a nett birdie 5.

I drove the short 5th and was a bit long, the ball being on the bank to the rear and right of the green. A controlled chip left me a gettable putt, which I made for a par, and a nett birdie. I had now scored three points on three successive holes. My drive on the 6th was a little left but not in trouble. I should have then been able to reach the green with my 8-iron but the shot wasn't clean leaving me short. I pitched on but the ball rolled off the left of the green. A putt on and two putts for a nett bogey 6, which was disappointing after being only a chip from the green in 3.

Hole 5 - 28 August 2017

The 7th started well with a good drive followed by a long hybrid. I then pitched short and chipped on with my gap wedge. Unfortunately I needed three putts for a nett bogey 7.

My drive on the 8th was close to the tree line on the left, but not in any trouble. However, in an attempt to keep the ball left and avoid the lake to the right of the fairway, I pulled a 7-iron shot and the ball struck a tree, bouncing back further into the trees. I then clipped another tree with my 8-iron clearance but at least the ball was back on the fairway. On reflection my 7-iron shot was too adventurous; I should have pitched forward short of the lake. My next hybrid shot was long but sliced, putting me again among trees. Once again an injudicious choice of shot left me still in trouble, without a clear line to the green. A 7-iron put me off the left of the green and my gap wedge shot then ran over the green, needing a putt back on. I then single-putted for 9. An absolute disaster that started with one stupid shot after a good drive. Lesson well and truly learned.

The 9th was then almost a repeat performance. After a lovely straight drive I miss-hit my hybrid sending the ball left into trees. I poked it out from under branches with the 8-iron, no more than a couple of yards. I then shanked the next 8-iron but at least was now back on the fairway. My following hybrid shot was then lacklustre at under 100 yards, and I had trees in my line to the green. An attempted lofted 7-iron didn't work, but went low and miraculously left of the trees, leaving me a chip-and-run shot to the green. This was long and I needed to chip back on, a single putt giving me another blobbed 9.

So after seven holes that were played fairly tight in 37 shots, two nines left me with a 55. I had one three-putt, but otherwise putting was reasonable with a total of 15. Points-wise, I scored 14. If nothing else my mistakes today should have taught me a couple of lessons.

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Scorecard - 28 August 2017

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