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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 22/06/17

We've been away and I hadn't played for a couple of weeks. Even so, I decided to do 18 holes and put in a supplementary card for handicap purposes. This wasn't because I expected to improve my handicap, in fact quite the opposite, but I need to put at least three cards in a year to maintain a handicap rating, and last year I left it until the last moment to do so.

After a blisteringly hot few days the weather had fortunately moderated, and while still warm and sticky the thick cloud and breeze made things much more bearable.

I started well on the 1st with a 165 yard tee shot to the middle of the fairway. The next, however, pulled left and ended up in the trees. After a little safety chip out, I then managed to put the next shot in the ditch to the right. Playing out was a possibility, but looking at the mud I instead decided to take a penalty drop. I put the next shot on the green but three-putted for a very poor 9.

The 2nd didn't start well as I again went into trees on the left. I pitched out and then put my next 9-iron shot on the green, two putting for a nett par 5.

My tee shot went right on the 3rd and pitching up I overran the green, needing to putt back on. Two more putts for a net par 5, but it should have been better.

The 4th was heart-breaking. After a good tee shot and second, I was short of the green with my 8-iron. I then had two hopeless attempts at chipping on, the club on both occasions almost stopping in the grass. Still miles from the pin, I needed three putts to finish with an 8, after being only 80 yards from the pin in 3!

My tee shot on the 5th was pulled, the ball disappearing into trees not far from the tee box. We couldn't find the ball so I took a second tee shot (3 off the tee), the ball going straight and true but ending up in the bunker at the front of the green. Perversely, as I walked up the path I took one more look by the trees and saw my first ball, but it wasn't playable so I stuck with the second one. I got out of the bunker, pitched on and single putted for a blobbed 6.

On the 6th I put my tee shot on the bank to the left, a not uncommon outcome. The shot off the bank, with the ball well below my feet, wasn't great, but I put the next 8-iron shot on the green. Two putts for a nett par 5.

The tee shot went right on the 7th, but I then played a perfectly pitched second over trees leaving me the possibility of getting on in 3. But my third wasn't great and then I needed two attempts at pitching on, not quite as bad as on the 4th, but not good. Two putts for a nett bogey 7, another good approach wasted.

The 8th was worse. A 'topped' tee shot went about 65 yards and then I put the next in the trees to the left, the ball hitting a trunk and bouncing much further left. After a short chip out I was still partially obstructed by the trees and chose not to hit a long ball as the lake was in play to the right. Having got back onto the mid-fairway, I hit a 150 yard hybrid that pulled back some of the deficit and then put my next 8-iron shot on the green. But I was now on 6 and the putt was long. I in fact needed two putts for a blobbed 8.

Having had a less than inspiring 8 holes, the 9th proved to be a bit of a turning point. Three good hybrids got me to within pitching distance of the green, which I played successfully, and then I put down a long putt for a true par, nett birdie.

Hole 9 - 22 June 2017

The 10th could have been better. After being a bit too far right with my tee shot and second, I put the third into trees on the left, with no direct sight line to the pin. I pitched out but was then short with a 7-iron chip-and-run, leaving me two putts for a nett bogey 7.

I pulled the tee shot on the 11th, narrowly avoiding reaching the trees that are way over to the left. I then fluffed a hybrid shot, sending the ball into a fairway bunker. The pitching wedge out, at 104 yards, was far better than I could have hoped for, and from there I put a 9-iron shot on the green but the ball rolled through into short rough. Once again I made a hash of the chip. Trying to moderate the power because of the short distance involved the club almost stopped in the grass. I needed two putts to finish with a nett bogey 7.

Both my tee shot and second were short on the 12th but I put the next 8-iron shot on the green, only to three-putt for a nett bogey 6. The good news was that I hadn't blobbed a hole yet on the back nine, and things were about to get even better.

A good tee shot on the 13th (174 yards) followed by a well positioned hybrid shot, left me a straightforward pitch onto the green, and a single putt for a true par, nett birdie.

Another reasonable tee shot on the 14th was followed by a hybrid shot that put me on the edge of the green. Two putts gave me another true par, nett birdie.

My tee shot on the 15th was the best of the day at 190 yards. The second was 160 yards, and the third at 144 yards left me a 50 yards pitch to the green. Unfortunately the ball ran through the green and I had to putt back on, then needing two more putts to finish with a nett par 7, but it should have been better.

Hole 15 - 22 June 2017

My tee shot went to the right of the elevated 16th green and pitching over the bank up to the green the ball ran through and off the far side. A gentle 7-iron chip-and-run was followed by two putts for a nett par 5.

I again went right with my tee shot on the 17th and then hit a poor second. My next hybrid shot, however, landed on the green, running through and just off the far side. A 7-iron chip and two putts for a nett bogey 6.

On the 18th my tee shot rolled into the ditch to the left of the fairway, unusual for me as I usually go right. I played out of the now dry ditch but the shot didn't go far. The next hybrid was good, however, and from there I pitched on and two-putted for another nett bogey 6.

I came in on 52 having taken 58 going out. There were no blobs on the back whereas I had four on the front, the par on the 9th redeeming what was otherwise a very patchy start. I had a number of misdirected tee shots that added to the score, while some very poor chip shots ruined what could otherwise have been good holes. My handicap is likely to increase after this effort.

Game Golf scorecard:
(Note the handicap ratings are no longer correct, having been revised for 2017)

Scorecard - 22 June 2017

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