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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 20/10/16

With the weather being not at all bad for mid October, I decided to put in a card for 18 holes today. It was windy, and rain threatened at times, but other than a very brief shower we kept dry.

I started well, playing what for me was controlled golf, but a mini disaster on the 5th must have unnerved me, as things then deteriorated. The back nine was even worse!

My 5-wood tee shot on the 1st rolled in the ditch, but two good hybrids from the drop position left me with a 9-iron chip, which was perfect, leaving a short putt for a nett par 6. It would have been a par if I hadn't rolled in the ditch.

The 2nd and 3rd were uneventful, each resulting in nett pars. The 4th wasn't too bad either, although a fluffed chip left me with a nett bogey 7, which so easily could have been another nett par. A good tee shot on the 5th was just short and landed in the bunker, in a hole that somebody had kindly left for me. I was thin with the sand iron and the ball went out of bounds on the far side of the green. I dropped in the bunker, the ball inconveniently sinking in the sand. To cut a sad story short, it took me three to get out, which meant that the bunker had cost me 5 shots. I still needed to chip on and then had two putts for an inglorious 9 !

I was probably still thinking about the 5th when I hit high on the ball on my 5-wood tee shot on the 6th, the ball only going 77 yards. The next hybrid wasn't much better and the following one was well short, clipping branches of the large willow. A 7-iron and two putts rescued a nett bogey 6.

The 7th wasn't too bad but was spoiled by another fluffed 9-iron chip. The next chip was perfect and I only needed one putt, but the result was a nett par 6 rather than a nett birdie 5. The 8th was even better with a 5-wood off the tee of 172 yards followed by another 5-wood of the same length. The 9-iron pitch was just left of the green and a 7-iron chip and one putt gave me a nett birdie 5.

I took a hybrid off the 9th tee to keep clear of the lake. I then hit a 5-wood that unfortunately found the fairway bunker on the left. I tried to power a hybrid shot out of the bunker but failed, the ball only going 12 yards. The next hybrid recovered things somewhat, leaving me only about 70 yards from the green. My 9-iron was thin and went well past the green, needing a 7-iron chip back and two putts for a nett double bogie 8.

So it was 56 out, 13 points and only 13 putts. Not great, but if the ridiculous 9 on the 5th is discounted it wasn't a bad front nine.

The back nine didn't start too badly. After two 5-woods and a hybrid I was just off the back of the green on the 10th. I putted on and then two-putted for a nett par 6. The 11th is where it all went wrong. A short but straight 5-wood off the tee left me with a clear fairway approach to the green, but my 5-wood sliced and seemed to go into bushes to the right. We couldn't find it so I dropped for a penalty, chipped out sideways, and then put the next hybrid in the green side bunker. I got out but went off the green, needing a 7-iron chip and two putts for a nett triple bogey. The sad thing is that my friend Bob (who had played 9 holes) had walked over to watch us play the hole, and he found my first ball, which was in a playable lie. If we had let the two players behind us play through and spent a bit longer looking for the ball the outcome on this hole could have been a lot different.

I think the 11th rattled me, as I put my tee shot on the 12th into the trees on the left. It was unplayable, so I took a penalty drop and after two hybrids was just off the green. I putted on and then two-putted for a nett double bogey 7. When things start to go wrong for me, they often continue to do so. So although the 13th started well enough with a couple of good 5-woods, I then shanked a 9-iron and thinned a gap wedge to the far side of the green. I putted on and single putted for a nett bogey 6.

The 14th was a little ray of light in the otherwise dismal back nine. A 5-wood and a hybrid put me off the green to the left, from where a lovely 7-iron chip followed the contours of the undulating green to leave me a gettable putt for a true par. I in fact needed two but a nett par 5 was a good result.

The 15th is the longest hole on the course and I generally play it quite well, but not today. It started badly as I came down on the ball with my 5-wood off the tee, resulting in a 48 yard shot into rough. I actually got out well, probably the only good shot on the hole, a 146 yard hybrid. I don't know what I did with the next 5-wood, suffice it to say it went violently left into the lake. A penalty drop and then a badly hit hybrid that gained only 48 yards. Then another bad 5-wood that skewed left, followed by a decent hybrid, decent that is until the ball landed in the right hand bunker. I picked it out with the gap wedge (remembering the fiasco at hole 5) but it went long and off the green. A 7-iron chip got me on but then to finish off an already disastrous hole I three-putted. Grand total 12, a nett quintuple bogey. I think the last time I scored that high on a hole was way back when I was a raw beginner. It's worth a picture just to show the nightmare of it all.

Hole 15 - 20 October 2016

It couldn't get any worse, and in fact on the 16th my hybrid tee shot was on the edge of the green, from where I putted on and then two-putted for a nett par 4. First you're down, then you're up - that's golf.

I had another poor 5-wood tee shot on the 17th and then put a 4-iron into trees on the left. All I could do was tap out and I then needed another shot to get clear onto the fairway. My 8-iron was then short of the green and I chipped on with my 9-iron, followed by two putts for a nett double bogey 7.

To round off a very unsatisfactory back nine I put my tee shot in the lake on the 18th. I can't remember ever doing that before. The next attempt was much better but the following hybrid drifted right and left me behind trees, from where I needed to chip back to centre fairway. My 8-iron to the green was then short, needing a 7-iron chip on, which was perfect leaving me only a putt of a few inches. At least it ended well !

So it was a disgraceful 65 back, with 18 putts, which didn't help, and only 7 points.

Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 20 October 2016

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