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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 20/02/17

An exceptionally mild day for February and if it hadn't been for the wind, which blew up as the round progressed, conditions would have been perfect. We were asked to play the back 9 because of work on the front 9. Having played only 9 holes throughout the winter, it had been quite a while since I had played the second half of the course.

The 10th tee has none of the perils of the 1st, but this didn't stop me hitting an awful tee shot that went about 60 yards left into rough. I then had a small tree in front of me but the 8-iron just cleared it, clipping the top branches on the way and getting me another 100 yards forward. Two good hybrids put me just off the green from where I putted on and then single putted for a nett par 6. Given the start this was a very good result.

I hit a long straight hybrid tee shot on the 11th that made 155 yards. Unfortunately the next wasn't as good, and the following shot only just stopped short of a green-side bunker. My 9-iron pitch was short and I again putted on and single putted in for nett par 6. Not a bad start.
Hole 12 - 20 February 2017
My hybrid off the 12th tee was even better at 160 yards but the next hybrid drifted right into the bunker. I got out with the sand wedge but was still in the rough. I then stubbed the grass in the uneven ground with my 7-iron, the ball hardly moving but at least it was then on shorter grass. I again putted on and single putted, this time for a nett bogey 6. One wasted shot!

I didn't expect my hybrid tee shot on the 13th to reach the fairway bunker but it did, coming to rest beneath the face of the high lip. I took the sand wedge and caught the shot just right, unexpectedly taking me 67 yards forward. The following 8-iron wasn't great, however, and I needed another 9-iron pitch. The ball had landed on the fringe of the green, but because of the green's kidney shape, I would have had to putt along the fringe. I therefore took a 7-iron but overhit the chip and run, putting me off the green at the back. A putt on and one putt left me with a nett bogey 7.

My ball sliced right on the 14th but was only just off the path to the right. I ill advisedly tried to go for the green with my hybrid, but the lie wasn't good, and the ball skewed right landing in long grass on a small hill. The 7-iron clearance wasn't good, and the following 7-iron was still short of the green. I pitched on with my 8-iron and needed two putts to end with a blobbed 7.

I often say that a hole was disappointing, but on this occasion the 15th was sickening. It's a long 523 yard par 5. From the tee I hit three really good 20 degree hybrid shots in succession: 157, 141 and 143 yards. This left me only about 70 yards from the green and the potential for a par. Then it went all wrong. My 8-iron was badly hit and the ball rolled into the bunker on the left. I cleared but was still short of the green in heavy rough. My 8-iron chip then scooted across the green into rough on the far side. Another 8-iron back on and two putts totalled 9, which was absolutely soul destroying after the good approach.

The short 16th was now playing into a strong headwind and we all underestimated it. My hybrid that had been consistently making 140 yards plus only achieved 110 yards. Then I didn't reach the green with my 9-iron pitch, needing another 8-iron chip and two putts to finish with a nett bogey 5.

The strong wind that was in our faces on the previous hole was left-to-right on the 17th. My tee shot was lofted and soared to the right in the wind. From there I couldn't play forward because of a tree, so took a 7-iron sideways, overdoing it a bit and ending up on the opposite side of the fairway in light rough. I played out with the 7-iron and then placed an 8-iron pitch onto the left of the green. The putt was about 40 feet. I had read it as right-to-left and as the ball approached the hole, sure enough it turned and went in. A bit of luck giving me a nett par 5.

I played the 18th straight down the middle, as they say, but a weak 7-iron meant that I didn't reach the green in 3, needing another to get on. Unfortunately I then three-putted for a blobbed 7, which wasn't a very auspicious ending.

Although my score of 58 today wasn't great I didn't feel too bad as most of the lost shots were around the greens. My hybrids were working well save for a couple of poor tee shots and I putted well, with only 14 putts despite one 3. I'm having a lot of difficulty with my irons on the soft ground, this having caused me to be short far too many times, and is what caused the bunker fiasco on the 15th.

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Scorecard - 20 February 2017

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