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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 17/08/18

I was talked into playing for the third time in a week, another 18 holes and a supplementary card for handicap purposes. It all started so well but quickly deteriorated into probably the worst game of golf I've played since I first picked up a golf club. Embarrassed is an understatement, and on this occasion I certainly shan't be documenting all the finer details. To make matters worse, it was again a painfully slow round with people waiting on every tee. My golf is pretty hopeless but quite frankly some people just shouldn't be on the main course. Both their golf and their golfing etiquette just doesn't merit their presence.

As I've said, things started well with a par on the 1st. My second hybrid shot equalled my drive in length and I was on the green for 4, finishing with a single putt. The euphoria was short-lived. My drive on the 2nd sliced right out-of-bounds. The next drive went into the trees to the left and my first attempt to get out found a tree. Back on the fairway for 5, I put the next shot left into a laurel bush where it was unplayable. A penalty drop for 7, then a pitch to the green and two putts totalled an unbelievable 10. Psychologically I don't think I recovered from this, as on the 3rd I found the bunker and took no less than three shots to get out, giving me an 8 on this par 3. You are probably starting to get the picture.

On the 4th my third shot bounced sideways off the path into the edge of the lake although I managed a nett bogey. I was relatively unscathed on the 6th and 7th, making a nett par on each. I scraped a nett bogey on the 8th but blobbed the 9th with a nett double bogey. I got another nett double bogey on the 10th after almost reaching the green for 3. Two attempts to chip on and two putts put paid to a decent outcome. The 11th was even worse, rivalling the 2nd for ineptitude. Having got to within around 30 yards of the green in two, I put my pitching wedge shot into the bunker. It took me two to get out, then two more to get on the green, and then three putts. So I added 7 shots to cover the last 30 yards and get down. Soul destroying and the type of thing that makes one just want to give up.

The pain wasn't over. On the 12th I drove into a fairway bunker but recovered sufficiently to make a nett bogey. No such luck on the 13th, however, where after a decent drive and second shot I pulled an 8-iron sending the ball into a bunker. Although I got out, my chip and run was woeful, needing three putts to finish with a nett triple bogey 9. The long 15th offered some relief. A good drive followed by three reasonable hybrid shots put me just off the green for 4. I putted on and single putted for a nett birdie 6 on this par 5.

The short 16th wasn't too bad, although it took me two to get on the elevated green from the short drive, and then two putts for a nett par 5. I took my hybrid off the 17th tee but went too far to the left, leaving me with trees to the front. An attempt to loft an 8-iron shot over the edge of the trees failed miserably, the club taking more ground than ball. The next got me back on the fairway, having abandoned any attempt to loft over the trees. A hybrid then left me with a large bunker between the ball and the green. I pitched over safely and two-putted for a blobbed 7.

After all the ups and downs, although they were mainly downs, the 18th went quite well. A dead straight drive to the centre of the fairway was followed by a respectable hybrid shot, then an 8-iron onto the green. The putt was long and I needed two, but this rewarded me with a nett par 5 in front of the clubhouse and the spectators. So although I may have played like an idiot at least I finished looking as though I could play the game.

A very embarrassing Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 17 August 2018

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