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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course -17/04/17

A bit of a different report today. Yesterday was the annual Easter Monday Texas Scramble at the club, and I joined Helen and two of her friends as a team. Normally it's four women in their team, so I was honoured to be included. I was, however, required to wear the team's 'bunny ears', thus ensuring that if my golf didn't make a spectacle of me, the ears certainly would.

Easter Bunnies - 17 April 2017

The Texas Scramble is a very forgiving format in that you can take the best shot from each of the four players, although each must take at least four drives. This panned out quite well and we managed to share out the drives equally over the first 16 holes, the final two being open to any player. We didn't expect to win, and we didn't, not even making the top ten teams.

I had a mixed day. Having resurrected my 5-wood last week, and done well with it, on this occasion it was a disaster. I had four or five duff drives, but fortunately it didn't matter as somebody else always obliged.

I had some good fairway shots that definitely helped the team, and a few good putts. But set against that I had my share of bad shots and on four or five occasions I caught the ground as I putted. This rarely happens, and for it to occur so often in one game was disappointing, especially as I had putted well at the start, ensuring a par on Hole 1.

The yellow tees were set well back for this competition and I was amazed to drive the green on the 3rd, where I nearly made a birdie, but we ended up with a par. I also had a perfect shot for our second on the 4th, placing the ball centrally between the lake and the trees for an easy pitch to the green, although I couldn't take it, as the rules don't allow successive shots by the same player.

There were other good shots, including a long hybrid off the tee on the 14th, and I nearly made the green on the 16th par 3. But overall I was a bit disappointed with my play. Fortunately, one of us always had an acceptable shot, so my mistakes didn't unduly affect our performance.

As a measure of what we were up against, talking to a chap afterwards, he said that their team had had a birdie opportunity on every hole bar the 18th, meaning that they had played all those holes to regulation. And they didn't win!

It was good fun with lots of laughs among the curses. We came in with 82 gross. The team handicap was determined by adding each player's handicap and dividing the total by five, giving us 23.6, and thus a nett score of 58.4. The winning team had 50 point something.

It could have been worse, a lot worse!

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