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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 16/03/17

After an absolutely glorious day yesterday, almost like summer, today was overcast and the wind had a chill to it. To begin with the course was very damp because of a heavy dew and the fairway grass was in places a bit longer than it should ideally have been. I had put my 17 degree hybrid in the bag, a club that in the past I have tended to slice, but it does offer a lower trajectory, which is useful in the wind.

The 1st didn't start too well when I put a decent tee shot left, well into the trees. I was left a tricky shot through trees, basically sideways although I managed to get a bit of forward distance. The next couple of hybrids were good, leaving me about 70 yards from the pin. Rather than a lofted 9-iron, today I tried a 7-iron with more of a chip-and-run approach. This worked well and I was only inches short of making a single putt. In the end it was a nett par 7.

Despite just clipping the upper branches of the tall tree on the left, my hybrid tee shot was nearly 160 yards. The next was good for length but turned into the bunker on the right. It took me three attempts to get out, which ruined the hole. My sand wedge was thick with clay afterwards, there being very little sand covering a firmer undersoil. I might have been better trying to pick the ball off with a gap wedge. Once out of the bunker I putted on and then single putted for a blobbed 7.

My tee shot wasn't clean on the short 3rd, landing by the trees on the right. Making an 8-iron pitch the backswing caught branches above, which caused the shot to go right. From off the green I used the 7-iron to chip-and-run, the ball coming to rest close enough for a single putt, rescuing two points with a nett par 4.
Hole 4 - 16 March 2017
On the 4th I got the 17 degree hybrid out for the tee shot. I caught it clean and amazed myself with a shot of 185 yards. The next hybrid was also good, leaving me a 7-iron pitch to the green. The ball was good and struck the ground just before the green, but then bounced to the left leaving me in heavy rough off the green. I chipped up with my 8-iron and two-putted for a nett par 6, but if that 7-iron had run true I'm sure a 5, or perhaps even a 4 would have been on the card.

I didn't get my tee shot clean on the 5th and ended up in the right hand bunker. I took the gap wedge this time but still needed two to get out (the sand was softer in this bunker). I chipped on with the 8-iron and single putted for 5, a relief after two wasted shots in the bunker.

The 17 degree club didn't go so well on the 6th, the shot bouncing sharply right and ending up on a steep bank. I managed quite a good clearance with the 7-iron, which I took again to pitch to the green. But I shanked the shot, going to the right of the green. I took the 7-iron again for a chip-and-run but then three-putted for a blobbed 7. Disappointing considering the relatively good approach.

I had another good tee shot with the 17 degree hybrid on the 7th, and a good second. The next shot drifted right, needing a chip onto the green with my 9-iron. It was a good chip and I single putted for a nett birdie 5 and three points.

On the 8th after three decent hybrid shots and a neat little 9-iron chip over a bank, I two-putted for a nett par 6. It was nearly a 5, which would have been nice.

Into the wind on the 9th, I was well positioned after three reasonably consistent hybrid shots. But again I shanked the 7-iron to the right of the green. I chipped on with the 9-iron and my first putt looked sure to go in, turning at the very last moment because of the slight crown around the hole. That was very frustrating and left me with a nett par 7, rather than a 3 point nett birdie.

The total was 54 with 15 putts and 14 points. Without the lost shots in the bunkers, and if I could have avoided the 7-iron shanks at the 6th and 9th, I would have come in under 50. As they say, golf is a game of 'ifs'. But I wasn't too displeased with today. I didn't have any completely muffed tee shots, my fairway hybrids were mostly good, and my putting wasn't bad.

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 16 March 2017

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