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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 14/08/18

Golf two days running, quite unusual for me. The reasons, rain was forecast for my usual Thursday outing, plus I wanted to do 18 holes and complete a supplementary card to go towards maintaining a handicap rating. I played with my wife, Helen, and two of her friends.

Things started well, with me on the green for 4 on the par 5, 1st. I didn't quite manage the par putt, but was down in 6 for a nett par. The 2nd wasn't too bad either. Just short of the green for 2, I overdid the chip, leaving a long putt back off the fringe. Two putts for a nett bogey 6. Taking a hybrid off the 3rd tee left me short and in the bunker. I got out but was only just on the green, leaving a long putt. I needed three in the end for a nett par 5.

Even the tricky 4th went quite well. I was on the green for 4 and two-putted for a nett par 6. Things started to go wrong on the 5th, where I again found a bunker and needed two shots to get out. My chip on was then good but I just missed the putt, leaving me with a blobbed 6. I survived the 6th, where despite a poor second shot I was on for three, two putting for a nett par 5. The 7th was then a mini-disaster. I topped the drive, which made only about 60 yards. Two not-so-good hybrids got me within an 8-iron shot to the green, but I shanked it right. The next one was good, but I was now on 5 and three putts for 8 meant another blob.

The 8th went somewhat better. Despite a badly hit hybrid on the approach I managed to put a good 8-iron shot on the green for 4, and putt out for a nett birdie 5. Unfortunately, the 9th didn't go as well. The drive was sliced short and after a good recovery with my hybrid, I shanked my 8-iron while trying to loft over trees in front. Another good hybrid got me back on track but my shot to the green was then short, requiring another chip. Two putts for an 8 and another blob.

The back nine started off well with me just short of the green for 3 on the quite long par 4, 10th. I putted on and single putted for a nett birdie 5. Another good approach on the 11th went awry when I found the bunker. I got out but needed then to chip on, the ball running off the far side of the green. A putt back on plus two more putts left me with a blobbed 8. I again found a bunker with my drive on the 12th. The ball was sitting up on the sand so I chanced a hybrid shot. It wasn't a total success but I made 50 yards. The next hybrid put the ball left of the green, behind a bank. I chipped over and two-putted for a nett bogey 6.

On the 13th, after a good drive and hybrid, I again found a bunker with a badly hit 6-iron. Once more I got out, but needed to chip on. Two putts meant a nett bogey 7. I sliced slightly on the 14th, leaving me with a bank and trees to the front. My hybrid out left a 20 yard pitch to the green. The 14th green is probably the most difficult on the course, being large and undulating. Despite a carefully judged curving second putt I just failed to find the hole, leaving me with a nett bogey 6.

The long par 5, 15th didn't start well with a topped drive of 63 yards. My next two rescues at 153 and 145 yards got me back into business, but regrettably the following one was heavy and left me with the need to take another iron shot to make the green for 5. Two putts would have been nice, but I needed three for a nett bogey 8. My drive on the par 3, 16th was short and right. I then messed up the gap wedge shot onto the elevated green, needing another chip. Two putts for a nett par 5.

My second shot on the 17th was completely fluffed. I recovered ground with a reasonable hybrid leaving me a pitch over the large bunker. It was too strong taking me off the far right of the green, over a low bank. A gentle gap wedge back left me with a gettable putt, but I missed it for a blobbed 7. And so to the 18th, where a long drive was a shade too far left and ran into the now dry ditch. I thrashed it out of the vegetation with my pitching wedge but then was heavy with the following 6-iron. Now on 5, I pitched on but two-putted for another blobbed 7.

At 114 it certainly wasn't a very impressive round. I scored 12 points out and 9 on the return. In terms of handicap, I think I shall be nudging up from my present 27 to 28 on the basis of this card, which to be fair is more consistent with my level of play lately. Putting average was 2.17, which again wasn't great. On the excuses side of things, I did manage to find more than my share of bunkers today!

Game Golf scorecard.

Scorecard - 14 August 2018

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