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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 13/07/17

It was 18 holes today and a supplementary scorecard was submitted towards maintaining my handicap. A very pleasant day with a fair amount of light cloud and sunny intervals, and a light wind that didn't cause any problems. We played as a four-ball and fortunately we weren't held up in front. There were two-balls following us and we let one pair through on the 5th.

The 1st went well, with a tee shot just shy of 160 yards, followed by a couple of reasonable hybrids and a pitching wedge onto the green. Two putts gave me a nett par 6. If only I could always start like that.

As is often the case, I put my tee shot on the 2nd into the trees to the left. I found the ball easily and played out with a gentle 7-iron. My next hybrid was short of the green, needing a chip and two-putts for a nett bogey 6.

On the 3rd the tee shot was short and off to the right, but not worryingly so. I pitched up and nearly got the par, settling for two putts and a nett birdie 4.

I came down on top of the ball on the 4th tee, the shot only making 65 yards. The next hybrid was good and I laid up with my 9-iron to take the lake out of play. I was then short with my 27 degree hybrid trying to play a three-quarter shot. I should have taken my 8-iron but was worried about accuracy with the lake close on the left. I then pitched long and had to chip back, two putts making it a blobbed 8.

I nearly made the green on the short 5th, a 7-iron chip-and-run leaving me a tricky putt, which I didn't get. The next putt went down for a nett par 4.

I went left on the 6th, which isn't unusual, then didn't connect well with my second, leaving me about 100 yards from the pin. My 9-iron was short, needing another chip on and two putts for a nett bogey 6.

My tee shot on the 7th wasn't long and left me a shot over trees. I didn't clear them that well and ended up in light rough the other side of them. An attempt for the green from there resulted in a badly hit shot, probably because I was trying a bit too hard. The next 9-iron put me on the green but the ball ran off, needing an 8-iron chip back and two putts for a nett bogey 7.

I went left again on the 8th, needing a sideways chip out with my 7-iron. I was still close to the trees forcing me to play forward slightly to the right, but this put the lake in play so I took the 7-iron again and pitched forward about 80 yards. I had a good hybrid shot from there that enabled me to put the next pitch on the green, two putts giving me another nett bogey 7.

I played short of the lake on the 9th and then put the next shot left into a bunker. It took me two to get out. The next hybrid shot was long but again left, fortunately coming out of the trees. I pitched up and two-putted for a blobbed 8.

On the 9th I once more went left and lost my ball in the trees between the main course and the Par 3 course. I found a different Callaway ball and continued playing with that after a two-shot penalty drop. I took a 7-iron out of the trees, followed by a mediocre hybrid. The next hybrid was long, however, and nearly made the green, putting me there for 6 after the penalties. I putted on and single-putted for a blobbed 8.

The 11th was a disaster. Again the tee shot went left but was long, although it left me with trees obstructing the route to the green. I played a good 8-iron over the edge of the trees, which set me up for an 8-iron to the green. I was thick on it and it fell short into a bunker. It took me two to get out and then I chipped long to the far side of the green. I then needed three putts to get down for a total of 9, after being in a position to pitch on for 3. Very disheartening.

After disaster came a touch of genius. A 190 yard tee shot on the 12th left me with a pitch to the green. I put it in a bunker, but got out onto the green and single-putted for a par and a nett birdie. Golf is a crazy game.

The 13th was even better. My tee shot was 175 yards and the second was perfectly placed about 30 yards from the green. My pitch was spot on but I then missed a two foot putt. So it was a nett par 5 in the end, but I was close to two successive pars.

Amazingly on the 14th, after another long tee shot, and a second that put me just off the green, I chipped on and putted for another par and nett birdie. That could have been three pars in a row if I hadn't missed the easy putt on the previous hole.

Holes 13 & 14 - 13 July 2017

The 15th didn't go too bad either. My hybrid tee shot and the second both made over 150 yards, and the third left me a pitch to the green for 4. I was a bit short but putted on and two-putted for a nett par 7. It should have been no more than a 6!

I made a bit of a mess of my tee shot on the 16th but put my next lob wedge shot on the green, two-putting for a nett birdie 4.

The 17th didn't go so well. After my tee shot I decided to lay up from the large bunker that protects the front of the green. Unfortunately I pushed the ball right and it found the other bunker. The ball had settled in a hole right at the back edge of the bunker and my attempted clearance came down on top of the ball, pushing it further into the bunker. I got out with my next shot but then underplayed my lob wedge, putting the ball into the bunker that I was laying up from in the first place. A veritable comedy of errors. I got out on my first attempt but still had to chip on, fortunately only needing one putt to finish the hole with a blobbed 8.

The 18th was less dramatic. Another good tee shot made 165 yards, although the second wasn't as good. My pitch was then short and I chipped on with my 7-iron, leaving myself a single putt for a nett par 5.

So it was 56 out and, thanks to the three good holes on the back 9, 54 on the way back. The nett birdies on the back 9 also pushed up my points total to 27, 11 out and 16 back. Putting wasn't bad either, with 17 out and only 14 back.

The real problem today was that I kept pulling my 20 degree hybrid shots left, especially off the tee. To try to correct this I had tried putting my left foot a bit further forward, but I think this actually made matters worse. On the back 9, I experimented with moving my left foot back further in my stance, giving myself more room to swing through, and although things weren't perfect, I think this improved matters. Something to develop further next time out, or perhaps on the driving range.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard. Note that the handicap indices have now been changed, so they don't tie up with what I've said above.

Scorecard - 13 July 2017

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