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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 12/09/17

Yesterday I played a friendly Texas Scramble. Following a successful scramble to celebrate the 70th birthday of one of my regular playing companions, it was decided to organise another three such matches this year, this being the third.

The four-ball teams are usually made up of three men and one woman, although on this occasion one team was two and two. In my team the two other men, Dave and Arthur, were playing off 14 and 17 respectively. This meant that I shouldn't have had much to do, provided I managed four good drives and contributed on and around the greens.

I had a very good drive on the 1st but it wasn't a patch on those of the low handicap players. A trend that was to more or less continue. They were hitting rescue clubs around 200 yards on the fairway so it didn't leave me, or Celia our woman team member, with much to do, my best 5-iron shots only making around 150 yards.

We actually finished with a scratch round. Having birdied the 1st, we then went on to par everything bar the 4th on the front nine. Even on the 4th we were only about 10 yards from the green after two shots, but none of the chips was good enough to ensure a single putt, leaving us with a bogey.

Good putts form me on the 8th and 9th guaranteed us pars, then on the 10th I putted off the fringe with the hole being two-thirds of the way across the green. The putt was length perfect and just missed going in, giving us our second bogey. From then on it was our objective to get another birdie to square the round. Despite getting on numerous greens in regulation we didn't make it until the 18th. A miracle second shot from Arthur put a shot of close to 200 yards about two feet from the hole, leaving a simple birdie.

It was quite an experience playing with these guys, making me realise how far I am from what a mid-teen handicapper can achieve. I did contribute, however. A good drive on the 2nd got one of my obligatory four drives out of the way. As I've already mentioned, some good putts earned me the dubious title of demon putter, although missing the long putt on the 10th became a running joke as the miss that let the team down!

My drives held up fairly well, although I messed up a 5-wood off the tee on the short 3rd. On the 12th I pulled the drive into the left-side trees, only finding the ball after a bit of a search. I then sliced the 13th drive, and again on the 14th. So when we got to the long 15th and I still had one obligatory drive to take, the pressure was on. Against the odds I hit a blinder. Straight down the middle and probably getting on for 200 yards. In fact the others decided not to bother to drive, given we needed to use mine to make the 'four'. I then hit a crisp 5-iron, not much shorter than the other two men's shots. However, we took one of theirs, and I then put my next 5-iron shot on the green, the only one to get on. Dave commented that I had come alive on the 15th.

Some things didn't work for me, although in a Texas Scramble it rarely matters if one player makes a mistake. I had a number of unexpectedly short shots with my gap wedge. And a couple of fairway irons were thick. Most of my mistakes, however, were down to lifting my head as I played the shot, something I often do when I have a bit of doubt over the outcome.

As a team, though, we played together well. We always had a decent choice of whose ball to play, on no occasion having to choose the 'best of the bad shots', so to speak.

It was very enjoyable day. We didn't win, because we had the lowest assigned handicap among the teams. So although we had a scratch round, after applying handicap corrections we in fact came third.

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