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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 11/02/16

A glorious day, sun shining, almost like spring, but it didn't make me play any better. Yet again there were a handful of holes where I managed to run up high scores, while the remaining holes were acceptable for my standard of play.

I had a fairly clean approach to the 1st, but my final shot to the green didn't make it, and the next one ran off to the left into rough. A chip and 2 putts left me with an 8.

The 2nd and 3rd were nett pars but once again things fell apart on the 4th. My approach was fine but the third shot landed on a bank on the right, just inside the tree line. I was only about 70 yards from the green and should have been on for 4, but I shanked the shot and pushed the ball over the bank, requiring a penalty drop, the next shot landing just off the green for 6. A putt onto the green and two more putts gave me a 9.

I then parred the 5th and nett parred the 6th. The long 7th was nearly spoilt by a bad fairway shot, but I still managed a 6 for a nett par, and I managed another nett par on the long 8th. The par 5, 9th can be a troublesome hole but today I finished with a gross 7, despite a short tee shot.

I resolved to do better on the back nine but it didn't really work out that way. A bad tee shot on the 10th was followed by a couple of good shots, but the next one was rubbish, leaving me 40 yards short of the green. Two lacklustre pitches got me on the green where I two-putted for an 8. Not a good start.

The 11th went better as I was on the green for 3, and I get two shots on this hole. However, three putts took the shine off things a bit and I finished with a 6. The 12th was also quite good, as I got a nett par. Things then went downhill a bit on the 13th, where I could easily have been on the green for 3, but was short with my approach shot and then put the next just off the green. A chip and two putts resulted in a 7.

The 14th is a short par 4, but the green is large and undulating. I was on for 3 but needed three putts to get down, giving me a nett bogey for 6. The long par 5, 15th was marred by a bad fairway shot that only added 20 or so yards. I still managed to reach the green for 6 and the putt wasn't too long, but it just failed to make it, leaving me with an 8. In fact, I had a number of putts today that stopped just short or actually touched the rim of the hole.

The 16th tee shot was well short and my first attempt at pitching with a 9-iron dug in and went nowhere. The second attempt was far better and I single-putted for 4, a nett par. The 17th was remarkable for the fact that having gone in the right-hand fairway bunker with my second shot, I played out onto the green for 3 (75 yards), leaving me with a nett par after two putts.

Wouldn't it have been nice to have finished on the 18th with a nett par, or better? What actually happened was that I pulled my second shot to the left, from where I didn't have direct shot to the green because of trees immediately in front of me. I played out with a safety shot, leaving me well positioned to reach the green with the next shot, but I took two more to get on, and I was then on 5. Three putts sealed my fate and I ended up with a gross 8. The penultimate putt was about half an inch short, which was a very sad way to end the round.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 11 February 2016

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