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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 04/03/16

Golf two days on the trot! The reason being that after yesterday's game the seniors' captain asked if I would stand in for somebody in the Seniors' Pairs Match. I was a bit unsure but in the end agreed. Two pairs play together and each pair scores by adding their handicap-adjusted Stableford points. It's a high-low handicap pairing and I was paired with a 10 handicapper.

After yet more heavy overnight rain the course was extremely wet and difficult. But the weather was glorious, if a little nippy.

The first drive in any competition is stressful, well it is for me at least. I hit a good shot but it went left towards the path. Unfortunately when I got to the ball it was in an unplayable position nestling up against a tree. So a penalty drop after only one shot! Not a good start, particularly as I ended up with a gross 8, and needed no more than a 7 to score.

The 2nd was better despite having to play the second shot out of mud next to the path. A gross 5 got us 2 points. Similarly with the 3rd, a gross 4 for 2 points. The 4th didn't go quite as well, the drive ending up on a bank to the left, from where I played over to the rough on the right. It then took me three mediocre hybrid shots, each out of wet grass, to get to the green. A gross 7 got us 1 point.

I parred the 5th thanks to a good chip from off the back of the green - 3 points. A gross 5 on the 6th added another 2 points. The 7th and 8th are both long and I only managed a gross 7 on each, giving us 1 point for each. I was a bit unlucky on the 7th as the drive settled near a tree and my backswing was impeded. My fault of course for consistently sending my drives to the left.

Having said everything was going left, I played the 9th down the right, having teed off with a hybrid, and I eventually ended up behind the dreaded trees to the right of the fairway. An attempt to loft over them while playing out of a muddy lie didn't work, instead skewing left, from where I pitched onto the green for 6. A single putt would have got me a point, but I needed two putts and therefore blobbed the hole.

The back nine didn't get off to a good start. Another drive to the left and we couldn't find the ball in the long grass. I had to walk back to the tee and drive off again. Now 3 off the tee, I then put my 5th shot in the fairway bunker. I played out well with an 8-iron, almost reaching the green, and then pitched on and single putted for an 8. A good recovery considering I was 3 off the tee, and needed to get out of the bunker, but the hole was blobbed.

I scored a gross 6 on the 11th, for 2 points, which was quite good considering that I zig-zagged a bit on my approach. After a long drive to the left (180 yards), my second shot crossed the fairway entering the trees on the right, from where I played out cleanly only to go into the green-side bunker. From there I pitched to the back of the green, chipped on and single putted. I also scored a gross 6 on the 12th, 13th and 14th, giving me a point on each. I had a superb drive on the 12th and played well out of the deep green-side bunker, having put my second shot in there. On the 15th I had a good drive but put the next 5-wood shot on the path to the right. I dropped in the rough and hit a good hybrid, followed by another that put me on the bank at the back of the green for 4. The chip left me a long putt but I sunk it for a gross 6, a nett birdie, and 3 points. As a pair we scored 6 points on this hole.

The short 16th took me 5 for 1 point, while the 17th needed 6, again for 1 point. A good drive on the 18th followed by a good 5-wood were wasted by two half-hearted pitches to get me on the green, after which I three putted to blob the hole with a gross 7. An unfortunate way to end.

In the end I had 22 points, which is about average for me at the moment. Despite a few problems, I felt that today I was in control of my golf, having recovered well from some tricky lies. Four blobs is not unusual for me. Meanwhile my partner played brilliantly, getting 10 pars in what were awful ground conditions. Between us we accrued 58 points and came second out of 20 pairs, which was totally unexpected as far as I was concerned.

Here's the Game Golf scorecard:

Scorecard - 04 March 2016

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