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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/06/17

Hot, no wind and quiet on the course, all it needed was for me to put a decent round together. You won't be surprised to hear that I didn't manage it.

The 1st started reasonably well, with a straight if not long tee shot. The second hybrid shot was a bit heavy but then I made up lost ground with a clean 168 yard hybrid third. I pitched on with an 8-iron and just missed a par with the first putt, a nett par 6 being acceptable.

The success wasn't very long-lived. On the 2nd, the paranoia of keeping out of the right-side ditch led me to go well into the trees on the left. However, the ball must have bounced off a tree, as we found it laying just outside the tree line. I then proceeded to waste this bit of luck by catching a tree while attempting a low 7-iron, the ball this time bouncing well back into the trees. After chipping out sideways onto the fairway I tried for the green with my 20 degree hybrid. It was good for length but drifted right into the bunker. It took me two to get out of the very 'firm' sand, after which I putted on and single-putted for 8 on this short par 4 that offers a birdie opportunity.

The tee shot went right on the short 3rd but I managed a chip on with my 8-iron and single-putted for a par. This gave me at nett eagle 1, for 4 points, now the hole has had its index reclassified, ridiculously so in my opinion.

I had a good 160 yard hybrid tee shot on the 4th but was high on the ball on the second, which only just missed going in the fairway bunker as it skimmed low along the ground. For safety, to avoid the lake, I took two successive 8-irons to get me just off the right of the green, from where I putted on and two-putted for a nett bogey 7.

My tee shot on the 5th wasn't clean and I ended up in the right hand bunker. After the experience on the 2nd, I tried picking the ball off the hard sand using my pitching wedge. This was more successful and got me on the green, albeit a long way past the hole. I over-read the first uphill putt and went long. I then missed the back-putt and needed another to finish on a nett bogey 5.

It was turning out a day for bunkers, as after a reasonable tee shot on the 6th I put the next one in the fairway bunker, a heavy ground contact causing the ball to go right. My 9-iron out was pitiful, but it was out. I then messed up what was supposed to be a low 7-iron under the tree branches, and needed yet another shot to get on. Two putts left me with a blobbed 7.

Despite the troubles on the 2nd and 6th, overall things weren't going too badly. The 7th and 8th continued this trend.

My approach on the 7th wasn't great, with one hybrid shot only adding 75 yards and the next ending up on the right bank in long grass. But from there I hit a good pitching wedge onto the green and two-putted for a nett par 6.

The 8th was similar, the tee shot being very short with the next two hybrids getting me to within 9-iron range. I got on and two-putted for another nett par 6.

A half-decent score on the 9th would have given me an average sort of round, but everything went wrong; literally everything. The tee short was short and went right, the ball ending up with a tree to the front, necessitating a sideways safety shot back onto the fairway. The next hybrid was heavy only adding 90 yards, and then I put the next right behind the bank and trees, leaving me a lofted shot over the trees out of long grass. I managed the loft but the direction was off, and the ball struck a tree on the other side of the fairway, bouncing inwards and coming to rest unplayable under a conifer. My next 7-iron was hopeless but I then managed to put the ball on the green with my pitching wedge. Now on 7, I finished the fiasco with three putts for 11. It's amazing to think that I just missed a par on this hole last week!

So there wasn't a lot positive to take away from today's round. With 59 shots and 18 putts it was 10 more than what I should be able to achieve, even on a mediocre day. Three high-scoring holes were the reason. I sometimes think I'm going downhill having not really managed first to reach the top of my personal hill in this frustrating game.

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Scorecard - 01 June 2017

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