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Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (15)

Perfect afternoon but only two bites, and two carp.

Arrival time: 11.30
Weather:Very warm for early October with just a light breeze.
Swim: Lily pads & SW corner
Tackle: 12ft Drennan Barbel Specialist, 8lb line, 10 hook.
Bait: Luncheon meat.
Fish: Two carp, best 10lbs 0oz.

With the forecast for colder weather arriving at the end of the week I grabbed a few hours over the lake this afternoon. I’ve been letting the fishing slip a bit lately and must really try to get out more often. Read Full Report...

Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (11)

Evening didn’t turn out exactly as expected.

Arrival time: 15.45
Weather: Sunny at first but wind became cold and even colder when the sky clouded over.
Swim: Lily pads and NE bay.
Tackle: 12ft Drennan Barbel Specialist, 8lb line, 10 hook.
14ft Shimano Speedmaster match rod, Shimano Exage 1000RC reel with 5lb line and 14 hook.
Baits: Bread flake & Luncheon meat.
Fish: three carp, best fish 11lbs 10oz.

In my last report I said I would return and have a go at the roach. Unfortunately fishing rarely pans out as you would like. Whereas on the last occasion I was getting a bite a cast from roach using my heavier tackle, today I could hardly tempt them with a nibble using a much more appropriate set up. However, let’s start at the beginning. Read Full Report...

Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (9)

First trip to the lake this year and a bit of luck.

Arrival time: 14.30
Weather: Cloudy with drizzle, brightening later.
Windy but this didn’t affect the sheltered lake.
Swim: Lily pads
Tackle: 10ft Fishtec compact float rod with Shimano ST5000 reel, 6lb line and 16 hook.
11’6” Hardy Marksman, Shimano Exage 4000RC reel, 8lb line, 12 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat , worm and sweetcorn.
Fish: One nice carp, 11lbs 6oz, a few roach and a small pike.

The first bit of good news was that the undergrowth hadn’t yet taken hold so I could actually get to what I call the lily pad swim without too much trouble. There were, however, no lily pads at this time of year. They’re obviously awaiting spring/summer like the rest of us. Read Full Report...

Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (6)

Today tried for roach and got a couple of bonus carp.

Arrival time: 11.00
Weather: Sunny / cloudy.
NW wind was behind me but it caused sideways drift, making it difficult to control a float.
Swim: Lily pads
Tackle: 14ft Shimano Speedmaster match rod, Shimano Exage 1000RC reel with 5lb line and 14 hook.
Baits: Sweetcorn and luncheon meat.
Fish: Two carp and 16 roach. Best carp 11½ lbs. Best roach 1lb 2oz

Today I decided to try for the roach. I started with sweetcorn and took two roach with the first two casts, the biggest around 4 oz. Read Full Report...

Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (4)

Two good carp.

Arrival time: 15.30
Weather: Overcast, brightening into evening.
Light wind not affecting lake.
Swim: Lily pads
Tackle: 11’6” Hardy Marksman, Shimano Exage 4000RC reel, 8lb line, 12 hook.
Bait: All fish taken on luncheon meat.
Fish: Two carp, best 11lbs, and a rudd just under a pound.

I decided on a late afternoon / evening visit. The brambles had grown back, so the first job was to clear a few hanging tendrils that were both an annoyance and a hazard. It’s certainly back to nature at this lake. No freshly mown banks and spacious platforms.

It was a slow start but at 16.10 a good indication on the bobbin resulted in a nice rudd of 15oz. Read Full Report...

Fields End (91)

A glorious day after weeks of awful weather.

Arrival time: 13.30
Weather: Clear sunny sky and very light easterly breeze.
Swim: Reed End
Tackle: 12ft Greys’ Prodigy Rova Specimen, 5lb line, waggler, 12 hook.
Bait: All fish taken on bread flake.
Fish: Three carp, best 10lb 12oz, and a tench.

It was the end of March when I last went fishing. The weather has been somewhat wet, to say the least, but I have also been doing other things that have kept me away from the water.

It was also an opportunity to try out a newly acquired Greys’ Prodigy Rova Specimen rod. This is a six-piece 12 foot rod designed for travelling. Now in the past such rods have not come anywhere near matching the performance of two or three piece blanks. However, this had good reviews and I wanted something I could pack in the car when going on holiday that didn’t need to be laid through the car boot and into the space between the front seats. Read Full Report...

Fields End (90)

First trip to Fields End since last October. A few carp and one good fish.

Arrival time: 14.10
Weather: Clear sunny sky and very light E/SE breeze.
Swim: Reed End
Tackle: 13ft FishTec multi float, 8lb line, waggler, 12 hook.
Bait: bread and luncheon meat. All fish taken on bread flake.
Fish: Three carp, best 13lb 2oz, and one good crucian of 1lb 11oz.

A spell of unseasonably warm and calm weather saw me off to Fields End. I had already set my sights on the north eastern corner, to shelter from the forecast easterly breeze. There were about six people on the lake and the spot I was after was free. I set up in what I call the Reed End swim, situated at the other end of the reed bank that forms the Reed Corner.

I had taken luncheon meat and a small cut loaf. I started with bread flake and flicked in some free offerings, fishing close to the reeds, no more than about 15 feet out. The water level in the lake was well up, suggesting that Charlie had filled it since my last visit in October. Read Full Report...

Fields End (85)

Five hours, two fish - hard work.

Arrival time: 14.00 (started to fish at 14.30)
Weather: Bright and warm with white cloud.
W wind moderated and eased completely into the evening.
Swim: Reed End.
Tackle: 11’ Korum light feeder, Shimano 5000 reel, waggler, 8lb line, 12 hook.
11’6” Hardy Marksman, Mitchell 301 reel, controller float, 8lb line, 10 hook.
Baits: Bread flake, floating crust and luncheon meat.
Fish: two carp, best 10lb 2oz

Another afternoon session but this time the lake was busier. The Reed End wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was the best pitch of those that weren’t already occupied.

I tried flake and luncheon meat close to the reeds but whereas last week I was quickly into a couple of decent fish before things quietened down, on this occasion nothing. Plenty of fiddly bites, some of which sailed away, but no contact was made. One small roach confirmed my suspicion that these were smaller fish and an occasional small scale on the hook reinforced this view.

I plodded on but got nowhere. The general noise level around the lake was off-putting, holidaymakers now representing the majority of those fishing. I know i shouldn’t, but I get irritated when people put out a couple of bolt-rig feeders and then saunter off to chat at high volume, occasionally dashing back to haul in a fish that’s hooked itself. I’m probably old-fashioned but that doesn’t constitute angling in my book. Moan over. Read Full Report...

Fields End (83)

A good morning but the wind spoiled the afternoon.

Arrival time: 07.00 (started to fish at 07.45)
Weather: Bright, warm and sunny later.
Light S wind became troublesome in the afternoon.
Swim: Reed End.
Tackle: 11’ Korum light feeder, Shimano 5000 reel, waggler, 8lb line, 14/12 hook.
Drennan Barbel Specialist, Shimano Exage 4000 reel, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat.
Fish: Three carp, best 10½lbs, six crucians, best 2lbs 4oz, a tench of 3lb 3oz and a 1lb roach.

Because of bank holidays and other things to do it’s been a couple of weeks or more since I’ve been fishing .

The forecast for a southerly wind made swim choice difficult. The south bank is somewhat featureless so I opted for the reed end swim in the north east corner. Things started well enough. With a light breeze conditions were perfect. Having changed the pellet waggler to an insert waggler (because of the ripple), on my first cast what was almost certainly a carp shot off only to shed the hook after a few seconds. Second cast, another carp, and after a strong lunging fight a fine 10½ lb leather was on the bank. This was followed next cast by a 5¾ mirror. Both fish were taken on flake.

As is often the case, the carp then seemed to disappear, although a chap setting up on the platform in the adjacent reed swim may have been a factor. However, throughout the morning I had good sport with crucian carp, with one fish of 2¼ lb, and a 1 lb roach. Read Full Report...

Fields End (81)

Another mixed bag with some good fish of each species.

Arrival time: 07.00 (started to fish at 07.15)
Weather: Bright start but clouded over later. Light W wind became strong during the afternoon.
Swim: Tree Corner.
Tackle: 11’6” Hardy Marksman, Shimano ST6000 reel, pre-loaded waggler, 8lb line, 10 hook.
14ft Shimano Speedmaster match rod, new Shimano Exage reel with 5lb line, 16 hook tied direct. Insert waggler.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat.
Fish: Six carp, best 13lb 9oz, eight crucians, best 2lbs 4oz, a 4lb tench and three roach, best 1lb 3oz.

After a marvellous weekend, weather wise, things deteriorated a bit today.

I was the first on the lake, and started with my Hardy Marksman by dropping a piece of luncheon meat down the right margin. First cast was short, but the second resulted in a bite almost immediately and a good fish tore off. It turned out to be an 8lb 10oz mirror carp that fought very well. With the heavier tackle, though, there was no real risk of losing it. A couple of chaps then turned up on the platforms on my right, and the obligatory dropping of the tackle boxes onto the platforms put paid to any further margin success.
Read Full Report...

Fields End (79)

Personal best Crucian carp today.

Arrival time: 07.00 (started to fish at 07.45)
Weather: Cloudy start, bright later. Strong SW wind.
Swim: Tree Corner.
Tackle: 14ft Shimano Speedmaster match rod, new Shimano Exage reel with 5lb line, 16 hook tied direct. Insert waggler.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat.
Fish: Three carp, best 12lbs, nine crucians, best 2lbs 7oz, a 2lbs 9oz tench and a few roach.

The forecast was for a warm day, but windy. The morning was, in fact, far from warm. Cloudy with a strong SW wind it was quite chilly. I benefitted from being in the Tree Corner, which is protected from south-westerlies.

Having succeeded with luncheon meat on my last visit I started with this bait. A couple of missed bites in over an hour convinced me that, today, this bait wasn’t working. I switched to flake, which resulted in more bites, in fact a bite almost every cast, but I couldn’t hit them; small roach, maybe. At 9.20 a nice roach of 11oz was a welcome relief but other than a couple of smaller roach, and what I think was an Ide of about 8oz just before midday, things were quite dire. Read Full Report...

Fields End (65)

Arrival time: 07.30
Weather: Chilly but bright; light to fresh south-westerly breeze.
Swim: Tree corner
Tackle: 13ft FishTec multi float, 8lb line, 12 hook. Sliding pre-loaded waggler.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat with pellet feed.
Fish: Two 15lbs + carp, a 4lbs 3oz barbel, a 3lbs 6oz tench and a 2lb 2oz crucian carp.

After a couple of sessions fishing into a chilling wind on the east bank I decided today to take the soft option and fish with the wind behind me. The tree-corner swim is in the south western corner of the lake and the wind was south westerly. With the added protection of a bank of trees and shrubs behind this was the most sheltered part of the lake. This swim never seems to produce a large number of carp, but it has yielded my biggest fish to date, a 19lb specimen, and I’ve also taken a 17lb fish from the spot.

The swim is flanked by reeds but, unlike the reed swim in the opposite corner of the lake, fishing close up to the reeds is not always productive. With the lake level quite low and the weather chilly I therefore ignored the close margins. Plumbing revealed a fall-off at about two rod lengths out so I fed this area with small pellets on a little and often basis. Bait was bread flake. Read Full Report...

Fields End (63)

Arrival time: 07.30
Weather: Warm, light southerly breeze and bright
It was like a spring day.
Swim: Reed-end swim
Tackle:12ft Hardy Marksman, 8lb line, 10 hook. Sliding pre-loaded waggler.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat with pellet feed.
Fish: 16 carp to 10lbs, three tench to 4lbs 3oz and four crucians to 2lbs 2oz. Lost four fish.

Back to the end of the reeds in the NE corner where I fished last week. I was the only one on the lake when I arrived and throughout the day nobody came anywhere near the corner where I was fishing. There were in fact no more than six people on the lake at any time. So, the conditions were perfect; it was quiet and I had a really good day.

The first fish came after only fifteen minutes and I caught throughout the day. Bread flake was again the most productive bait and I took only one fish on luncheon meat if one discounts a small perch that took it. I used small pellets to ground-bait the swim on a little but often basis. Read Full Report...

Fields End (62)

Arrival time: 07.30
Weather: A quiet day after heavy rain the previous day.
Light breeze alternated from W, to NW, to SW, to S and then back to W.
Swim: Reed-end swim
Tackle: 12ft Hardy Marksman, 8lb line, 10 hook. Sliding pre-loaded waggler.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon.
Fish: 12 carp to 11lbs and a 3lbs 3oz tench.

Back to Fields End on a pleasant day sandwiched between heavy rain and wind the previous day, and more of the same predicted for the following day.

Today I went to the opposite end of the reed bank that forms the left of my usual Reed swim. A chap was there last week and did well, but more importantly it seemed easier to fish than the Reed swim, which is now a bit awkward since a new platform has been installed. I don’t like platforms and have been sitting to the side of it. However, this makes access and egress difficult with a high risk of stumbling. Also, there is a nasty snag by the left reed bank that has taken more tackle than I can remember, and playing fish is difficult because of the proximity of reeds to both sides. Read Full Report...

Docklow Pools (9)

Arrival time: 16.30
Weather: Another fine calm evening.
Swim: Match Pool Peg1
Tackle:13ft Multi-float, 6lb line, pre-loaded waggler and 12 hook.
12ft Hardy Avon, 8lb line, pre-loaded waggler and 10 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat
Fish: Three carp, best fish 10lbs, a barbel and a small chub.

I was heading for the Mickey Mouse Pool but saw from the road that my favourite spot was occupied. I happened to be next to Peg 1 of the match pool at the time. Now, I have noticed that this peg is very popular and when I had a closer look it was clear that the adjacent pegs were some distance away, making it ideal for margin fishing. There were reeds to the right (photo) and a corner to the left, where the road bordered the lake. Read Full Report...

Fields End (59)

Arrival time: 07.00
Weather: Cloudy bright with a south westerly breeze. Brighter intervals developed and it became warm with the breeze freshening.
Swim: Reed swim
Tackle: 12ft barbel rod, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Alternated between sliding pre-loaded waggler and small Arlesley bomb leger.
Baits: Bread flake (seedy bread!) and luncheon meat.
Fish: Nine carp, best 11lb 6oz and a roach. Seven lost fish!

An odd sort of day really. The night before I was in two minds whether to go because of the forecast wind. Then I didn’t sleep too well, but as I was awake at 05.30 I decided to go.

The other thing is that due to a bit of bad organisation I only had one rod with me. To cut a longish story short, I decided to sell my Fox Warrior feeder rod (I’m never going to take to heavy feeder fishing) along with my Korum rucksack (bought for use on the bike but I’ve since fitted panniers, which are easier and safer) and my Korum rod holdall (too bulky and overkill for light roving fishing). I ordered a Grey’s quiver system that takes individual rod bags, but unfortunately they were out of stock, and I had already committed to send my old tackle off by courier; so, no rod holdall. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (11)

Arrival time: 15.15
Weather: Sunny with clouds and a south-easterly breeze that dropped during the late evening.
Swim: Reed corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat
Fish: One carp 18lbs 3oz

After a couple of blanks at Block Fen I went back today to try my luck. I had been waiting at home for the delivery of my pond liner but as Helen was in for the afternoon I decided to grab a few hours fishing.

My reed corner was free when I arrived just after 15.00. There were a couple of ‘carp’ anglers on the opposite bank; multiple rods, big feeders and rather too much bait being fed in. Read Full Report...

Fields End (57)

Arrival time: 07.00
Weather: Clear blue sky with little or no wind through morning. Cloud cover increased during afternoon although wind remained light SW until about 19.00, when it freshened.
Swim: Reed swim
Tackle: 11½ft Hardy Avon Marksman, waggler, 6/8lb line, 12 hook.
10ft compact float 6lb line, pellet waggler, 16hook.
Baits: Bread flake, luncheon meat and floating biscuit.
Fish: Six carp, best 12lbs, two tench, best 3½lbs, a crucian and an ide.

After being outgunned on my 13ft multi-float rod on the last visit I had set up my new Hardy Avon Specimen rod that I bought last year at an offer price. It was its first outing. I had paired it with my Rapidex centre pin and 6lb line. First cast, using bread flake, resulted in a firm bite five minutes later and a fish rushed into the reeds, breaking me easily. The tackle upgrade obviously hadn’t worked. I then lost another fish that slipped the hook as I was trying to stop it getting into the reeds. Not a good start! Read Full Report...

Block Fen (5)

A chap came to discuss our wills today and it was thoroughly depressing. With no more than about two hours of daylight left I went to the Pump Pond, arriving at 17.30. There was nobody there; in fact there didn't appear to be anybody on the main lake either. Very peaceful. The lake was very calm and all the scum had drifted into the reed corner where I fish. It didn't look very attractive but, of course, theory says this is where the fish should be.

I only had the remains of a cut wholemeal loaf for bait. I've never used brown bread before, so this was likely to be either a revelation or a disappointment. I had a run fairly soon after casting but the fish had released the bait before I tightened. Curses! However, shortly after I had another run and connected with a smallish carp, which turned out to be a 4lb 3oz common. As with all the fish I've caught in this lake it was in fine condition, but I worried that it had spooked any other fish as it struggled by the reeds.
Read Full Report...

Block Fen (8)

Arrival time: 17.00
Weather: Alternate sun and clouds but with a fresh northerly breeze.
Swim: Reed corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Bread flake
Fish: One carp 15lb 2oz

My first visit to Block Fen this year. I made up my mind quite in the day late to go.

When I arrived there were three anglers on the main bank, which surprised me considering it was early season and mid-week. One was opposite where I usually fish and unfortunately he was casting over to my bank. I apologised but he said it wasn’t a problem. I must admit that I don’t understand why people fish the far bank when the option exists to fish under the rod top, so to speak. Read Full Report...

Fields End (47)

With a westerly wind forecast today I went for the west bank; the bush swim that is almost opposite the north end of the island. The day started bright and clear with hardly a breeze, but the wind came up during the day and was veering towards NW. Although I was out of the worst of it, it did cause an undertow that made light waggler fishing a bit difficult.

I started by trying a piece of bread fake free-lined down the margin. I had a pull on the line, but it wasn't a carp. I therefore switched to waggler and, after missing a bite, I hooked and landed a 2lb 10oz tench. It fought very well for its size. I was using my new 10 ft compact float rod. Read Full Report...

Fields End (43)

After a bit of a break from Fields End I went with my neighbour's father, Mick, as he was up for the week. I had become a bit disillusioned with the lake because of the number of people, and the lack of peace and quiet as some of them communicated by shouting to each other from bank to bank. However, on this occasion things weren't too hectic and at no time did the lake get too crowded. It was a bright day but the wind was fresh and it got more intrusive as the day went on. It also rained heavily at one point.

I started in the reed swim and was soon landing a 2lb 6oz tench taken on free-lined bread flake. I missed a few 'pulls' and then lost what was almost certainly a carp in the reeds. Read Full Report...

Fields End (42)

After a week away in Yorkshire where I did a bit of fishing on a local lake, I went for an afternoon to Fields End. I didn't arrive until 15.15 and the place was packed. The new caravan park has increased the resident anglers and despite there being only about five cars in the car park, there were literally only a couple of places free around the lake. It was humid and there was a very light SW breeze that disappeared completely later in the afternoon, leaving us with a picture perfect late evening.

I settled into a spot on the east bank that I hadn't fished before. It was a platform that was awkward to get to as the bank was steep and there wasn't a lot of room to move. However, it was next to a row of small trees that separated me from the next swim and provided a good screen such that movements on the bank didn't disturb any fish in the margins. There was a small reed bed, but on plumbing it was quite shallow in the margin; probably not much more than a couple of feet. Undaunted I fed small pellets and bread flake pellets in before I tackled up. Read Full Report...

Fields End (36)

A day of missed opportunities, frustration and, dare I say, some lessons learned.

Due to a very late night babysitting the grandchildren on Tuesday, I arrived a bit later than normal (08.45) but the reed swim was vacant, so I settled in. It was bright with broken light cloud, very mild and the wind was a fairly light north westerly.

I threw in some feed pellets and rolled-up bread balls while I was tackling up. First cast with a waggler and flake resulted in a quick firm bite, a strong run into the adjacent reeds and one lost hook. Having tied a new hook and re-cast, I got a fiddly bite with the float lifting and dropping; it finally slid away, and again a strong run into the reeds saw my hook disappear. I feel this may have been a tench because of the nature of the bite. Read Full Report...

Fields End (34)

At last, a day with no wind. Overcast, a bit of drizzle at times and mild. Ideal really.

First cast produced a good solid bite on float-fished flake, a run for the reeds (I was in the reed swim again) and one lost hook! So the first big un got away.

Next cast a mirror of about 2lb, again on flake.

I switched to cheese, as this had worked for the tench a couple of visits ago. This time first fish was a 4½lb mirror, but shortly after a 3lb 6oz tench came to the net. I then lost another fish in the reeds. Another tench came a bit later, this time 2lb 12oz on float-fished flake. Read Full Report...

Fields End (32)

A late start today as I had to do a few things in the morning. Got to the lake at about 11.00 and to my surprise the reed swim was free. It was bright and warm but there was a southerly wind.

My first fish came at 11.50; a 6lb leather taken on legered flake. Soon after a fish slipped the hook.

Just after midday I retrieved the leger to find a solid resistance. There was no positive bite but 6lb 14oz common sprang into life once it knew it was hooked. The bait was luncheon meat. Read Full Report...

Fields End (31)

Tench 3lb 8oz

Tench 3lb 8oz

Back to the reed swim. A bright and chilly start (7ºC) with a southerly breeze.

Things again kicked off quickly with a 3½lb tench on float-fished flake. The tench always fight hard to get back into the reeds whereas some carp head out into the lake.

Twenty minutes later a 6lb common was taken using the same tactics.

Things then slowed down a bit so I went after a carp in the margins using floating crust, and was promptly broken.
Read Full Report...

Fields End (30)

My weekly pilgrimage to the reed swim continues. Today things looked very promising. A beautiful morning following some warm bright days. There was minimal breeze, and what there was did not affect me.

Things started off almost instantly with a bite literally seconds after I cast, resulting in a 4¼lb mirror that fought incredibly hard. This set the pattern and I took two more fish of a similar size by 10.30. I then switched to floating crust/pellet along the reed margin and took three more fish by 13.00, the best being a good looking common of 8¼lb (photo). I was broken by a fish as I tried to stop it burying in the reeds. Read Full Report...

Fields End (29)

After the tricky conditions experienced on 9 April, today was a distinct improvement. It was overcast, there having been storms overnight, and the breeze was light from the NE. I again chose the Reed swim as it offers such a choice of techniques. Float fishing the margin is my current default approach, but there is the option to free line either a floating or sinking bait along the reeds, or if preferred cast out further to deeper water.

I started by float fishing and had reasonably good sport through the early morning, taking the first fish at 07.45, a mirror of about 6lb that was in fact foul-hooked. I then had a tench of about 1½lb, followed by three more mirrors weighing 6lb 6oz, 11lb 0oz (photo) and 5lb 6oz by 09.15. The fish were taken on bread flake and luncheon meat - my staple baits. Read Full Report...

Fields End (56)

Arrival time: 07.00
Weather: Bright but with a fresh northerly breeze, which blew up during the morning. It was decidedly chilly. The breeze eased at midday and by 16.00 the sky had cleared and produced a ‘perfect’ evening.
Swim: Reed swim
Tackle: 13ft multi-float, waggler, 4lb line, 12 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: One carp 11lb 4oz (a number lost), three tench, best 3lb 14oz, four crucians, best 2lbs 2oz, and roach 12oz.

After the previous week’s phenomenal day, today was never going to measure up. It didn’t start well, as five minutes after casting I lost a fish in the reeds. As the float went under it was heading for the reeds and the fish was probably already there before I struck. Half an hour later I lost another fish; my mistake this time as I put much pressure on the rim of the centre pin. I was also missing bites, probably roach or crucians. Up to this point I had been on luncheon meat. Read Full Report...

Fields End (27)

Mirror 12lb 10oz

Mirror 12lb 10oz

Back to the 'Reed Swim' again. This time the weather was more genial. Patchy cloud and a gentle wind combined to give quite a pleasant day.

The conditions allowed float fishing and this resulted in good sport, although all the fish in the morning were quite small. I took 2 commons, 3 crucians and a mirror, all on bread flake. The best common was 5lb (weighed) with the other fish being between 1 - 3lb (estimated).

The afternoon was then very quiet but as is usual at Fields End things hotted up towards evening and I caught 3 mirrors between 17.15 and 18.15 pm, the best being 12lb 10oz. Read Full Report...

Fields End (25)

Tuesday's session was so successful I returned to the same spot with the same rig (float tackle).

I arrived at 07.00 and didn't have a touch on bread or sweetcorn. Changing to luncheon meat I got a bite first cast; a 10lb 6oz leather carp [09.00]. Read Full Report...

Fields End (24)



After some really disappointing trips in February, which were effectively blanks, I decided to forgo the perceived wisdom of fishing to the middle of the lake and revert to my preferred margin fishing. As the temperature had also increased a bit I was hopeful that this would prove more productive. I also decided to switch to conventional float fishing (waggler) and use lighter tackle; a carbon Avon style rod with centre-pin reel and and 4lb hook-length.

The weather was settled, bright with high cloud and a light NNE wind. I fished my favourite NE corner (the Reed Swim) and this placed me in the lee of the wind.

Well, whether it was the change in technique or just the improving temperature, I caught fish through the day. These were mainly smaller carp, and surprisingly mostly commons. Read Full Report...

Fields End (17)

The wind was forecast south westerly, which meant blowing right into my favourite reed corner spot. I took the gamble, the lake being as calm as a mill-pond when I arrived. Also, wisdom has it that one should fish into the wind.

I quickly lost the first two fish in the reeds, then after catching 3 carp to 4¾ lb lost another two, one of which broke the line. An 8¾ lb fish was followed by four more between 6½ and 8lb 10oz during the afternoon, and a further fish was lost at the net (Common, about 6lb). I was then comprehensibly smashed by a very large fish that nearly pulled the rod out of my hand, having taken a piece of luncheon meat only about 5 yards from the rod top. The evening was finished off with four more carp and a beautifully conditioned tench, culminating in the best fish of the day, a 13lb 10oz mirror. Read Full Report...

Fields End (16)

Despite vowing that I would limit myself to afternoon visits after the last trip, I went for the day again and this time things worked out a bit better. I wasn't first on site this time but had decided to fish the (north-east) reed corner having not done too well on the west bank the previous week. I rather like the reed corner but it tends to produce smaller fish.

On this occasion I had regular sport up to about 3pm, when things went dead. I fished on until 7pm but then called it a day. It was a very hot day, necessitating the umbrella to provide some protection. Read Full Report...

Fields End (14)

After a follow-up trip to the Dentist I went over the lake, getting there about 14.30 pm. There was a stiff SW breeze and all the good spots on the sheltered west bank were taken.

I therefore went to the swim in the north-east corner (the reed swim), the first one I ever fished on the lake. It's between reed beds so is a bit tricky. I used my heavier rod and 10lb line. The wind made it difficult to free-line but I persevered with luncheon meat cast along the left reed bed. Read Full Report...

Fields End (13)

I had had a raging toothache over the weekend so went down to London to see my dentist on the Monday morning. He saw me very quickly (root canal treatment!) so I was able to get back to Chatteris around 14.00, and decided to go over to the lake.

The south-west corner spot under the trees was free, where I had the 17lb fish on 23 May, so I thought I would give it another go.

Things were really very slow, and speaking to Charlie, the owner, it seems that it had also been slow the previous day (Sunday). He mentioned to me that he was using the photo that I sent in last year for a newspaper advert for the lake; can't be bad. Read Full Report...

Fields End (8)

Weather looked good, so off to the lake again.

Another beautiful September day; warm, bright but with a nuisance breeze that made free-lining tricky. See the early morning picture below.

Fished the same place as on the 7th. Very slow! Nobody seemed to be catching. Got a 10lb fish just before lunch but it was foul-hooked in the pectoral fin. Missed a few tentative bites on the surface, but fish weren't feeding convincingly. Read Full Report...

Fields End (7)

Had some spare time on a day off so went over to the lake at 4.00 pm. Good decision!

It was a beautiful September day; warm, bright and just a breath of wind.

Couldn't get my 'spot', but this turned out to be fortuitous. I fished a swim near the car park where I had seen others do well. I free-lined some bread flake by the reeds and threw in some dog biscuits. Carp immediately started to take the biscuits. I changed to floating crust and quickly was in to my first fish; it turned out to be a 14lb 12oz Leather. I knew it was big when its head came out to take the crust! Read Full Report...

Fields End (3)

Now here's a fishy tale that you can chose to believe or dismiss as fanciful rantings.

I've been keen to get back to Fields End since the successful trips I had last year. Finally the weather forecast was favourable and off I went.

I got there as it opened (7.00 am) and set off for the same swim as I fished in 2006. The reeds had closed in, leaving a much smaller opening, making what was a tricky swim even harder. After a slow start, when a number of carp inspected my floating crust and shied away, things really improved. The catch order was as follows: Read Full Report...

Fields End (55)

Arrival time: 07.00
Weather: Clear blue sky and no wind
Swim: Reed swim
Tackle: 13ft multi-float, waggler, 4lb line, 12 hook.
10ft compact float, free-line/controller float, 8lb line, 12/16 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat and floating pellet.
Fish: 15 carp, best 12lb 13oz (5 lost), 4 tench, best 3lb 12oz, roach to 1lb 7oz, a 2lbs 2oz crucian and a 3lbs 14oz barbel.

The total weight of carp was just under 135lbs and including the other fish the catch was nearly 158lbs.

Another nice day. Again the lake was calm throughout the morning and although a light SW breeze blew up later, it was on and off and didn't cause too many problems. For the first two hours I was the only one on the lake and when people did arrive they stayed on the west and south banks, leaving me virtually undisturbed in the reed corner. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (2)

Following my first trip to the Pump Pond I went again for a few hours, judging that the evening probably provided the best opportunities. I went with Mick, our neighbour's father, and we arrived just before 5 pm. I decided to go for the reed corner where I had lost a fish on my first visit. It was a very breezy evening and this caused a bit of difficulty with my free-lining technique.

I cast a piece of flake right to the far corner by the reeds and soon had a good run, which I hit, only quickly to lose the fish in the reeds. I had taken my 1¾lb test barbel road with 12lb line but the line broke as I tried to turn the fish from the reeds. Read Full Report...

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