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Stake Hill (8)

My visit was cut short by rain but the ‘skimmer’ bream were active.

Arrival time: 17.00
Weather: Cloudy with rain threatening, and actually arriving, thus cutting short my stay
Swim: Far corner
Tackle: 12ft Greys’ Rova Float rod, Speedia centre pin reel with 3lb line, waggler, 14 hook.
Baits: Sweetcorn & bread flake.
Fish: A number of small bream and one small tench.

The weather forecast wasn’t great, but I took a chance and arrived at 17.00 to find an empty lake. Obviously nobody else was brave enough to chance it. Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (6)

A bit slower this evening.

Arrival time: 17.15 (started to fish at 17.45)
Weather: Lovely evening following a sunny and warm day.
A light breeze.
Swim: Far corner.
Tackle: 11’ Korum light feeder, Shimano 5000 reel, waggler, 8lb line,
5lb fluorocarbon hook length to a 16 hook.
Bait: Bread flake and luncheon meat.
Fish: Six small carp, best 3lbs 2oz, some small tench and bream.

When I arrived there were around 5 or 6 anglers on the lake. The most I’ve seen. One was in my ‘adopted’ spot, but as I set down elsewhere, I noticed that he was packing up. I went over and had a chat with him. He was from Bradford and has been fishing the lake for about four years. He remarked that it was now getting busier. He was looking forward to some barbel fishing on the Swale as the river season opens tomorrow. Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (5)

Plenty of fish again.

Arrival time: 17.00 (started to fish at 17.15)
Weather: Bright with white cloud.
Blustery with occasional rain.
Swim: Far corner.
Tackle: 11’ Korum light feeder, Shimano 5000 reel, waggler, 8lb line, 2½lb hook length to a 16 hook.
Bait: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: 15 small carp, best 3lb 14oz, and some small bream up to 1lb.

I thought it was going to rain yesterday evening so delayed my return to the lake until this evening. A mistake as it turned out. Despite ominous clouds yesterday evening turned out perfect, whereas this evening threatened rain and eventually delivered it. I got a bit wet but fortunately I had brought the brolly this year so I was reasonably protected.

The evening was much like Monday. I started with flake and was soon landing small carp. Later I changed to luncheon meat, which was equally as effective. This evening’s tally was fifteen carp, most around the 2lb mark, with the best being 3lb 14oz. I also had three bream (or skimmers to use the current vernacular). The best was a pound. This explained why I was missing some ‘good’ bites, as hooking the bream was obviously trickier than hooking the much bolder carp. Read Full Report...

Docklow Pools (7)

Arrival time: 14.30
Weather: Calm and slightly overcast. Light rain later.
Swim: Match Pool Peg12
Tackle: 12ft Hardy Avon, 8lb line, pre-loaded waggler and 10 hook.
13ft float rod, 6lb line, pre-loaded waggler and 14 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat. Fed with maggots and sweetcorn.
Fish: Four carp, best 7½lbs, and a small bream.

I tried the match pool today for the first time. I went with the intention of using my float rod and not carp fishing. I had assumed that carp would not be the predominant species in the match pool. However, it was soon clear that there were good carp in the lake as they could be seen cruising on the surface. The swim I chose had good margins to the right and a bed of lilies about 30 feet out directly in front. There were large carp around these lilies so I started with the Avon rod and flake casting to the edge of the pads. I had a couple of good bites but at that range it was difficult to connect. I did ‘feel’ one fish that felt quite large.

This strategy having not succeeded, I reverted to my original idea and set up my 13ft float rod. I fed the swim with the maggots left over from my Wye trip, sweetcorn, flake pellets and luncheon meat. My first fish, at 14.55, was a small bream of about ½lb taken on luncheon meat. I tried maggot on the hook but only got tiny roach. At 15.20 I landed a lively mirror of about 1½lb that also took luncheon meat. Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (2)

I visited this fishery in July 2007, shortly after it opened. It was interesting to return two years later. The site is still very exposed but bank-side vegetation has increased and the swims have a more mature feel to them. On this occasion I had two evening sessions.

Mirror 1lb 12oz

Mirror 1lb 12oz

This first evening I arrived about 17.00 and fished through to dusk (21.30). The weather was better than in 2007. It started breezy but became calm towards late evening. There was a little light rain. The water temperature felt extremely warm, probably due to the exceptionally warm weather we had had the previous week.

I fished the same corner as in 2007, although noticed that the locals tended to fish on the opposite bank. However, the breeze was into my corner, which was technically an advantage. This time I waggler fished bread flake - I borrowed some maggots last time, and legered because of the wind. Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (1)

While on holiday in Yorkshire in June/July 2007 I visited the Stake Hill Fishery, that was newly opened (in April) and offered good mixed fishing, albeit fish sizes were quite small. The lake was high on the dale in a nice setting but the weather was awful on the day, with a cold wind blowing and no sun; but it was dry. None the less, I battled on and didn't do too bad. Read Full Report...

Market Drayton (2)

Second evening and I fished the second swim on the far bank having seen a local there earlier in the day.

I again fished through the reeds but there was more open water, although still shallow at about a foot deep. There were lily pads about 20ft to the right. Read Full Report...

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