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Greys Prodigy Travel Rods

Prior to going on holiday this year I bought two travel rods.

I had always doubted the performance of such rods, based on the telescopic variety that I had seen but had never actually used.

Greys sent me their 2012 product guide and it included their Rova range, which are six-section carbon rods that bear no comparison with the older telescopic models. As you would expect, the guide praised these rods and importantly made the claim that they performed as well as two or three section models. I checked some independent reviews and these were also positive.

There weren’t many on sale but I picked up a discounted VX 12ft Rova Specimen and tried it over my local lake. I caught a few carp and must say that the rod handled exceptionally well. I was waggler fishing on that occasion and it was perhaps a little heavy to hold for prolonged periods. Being a six-piece blank there are obviously more sockets requiring thickened wall sections. That’s not to say it’s a particularly heavy rod; just a bit too weighty for continuous holding.

So impressed was I with the rod that I invested in the TX 12ft Rova float as well. This is a far lighter rod although clearly not as powerful. I gave it a work out in France, having easily packed both rods in the boot of the car in their impressive protective cases. I landed one carp of just over 6lbs and lost another of about the same weight. Again the rod performed superbly. Matched with a 5lb line it was sufficiently powerful to extract the carp from some lily pads. It was also light enough to hold comfortably for extended periods.

If you like to take tackle on holiday but find that space is at a premium then I would recommend this range of rods. Besides the two mentioned they make the TX Rova Plus that covers both float and quiver tip applications.

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