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Drennan Specialist Twist Lock landing net landle

I have been using a two-piece landing net handle for a few years but have always been a bit nervous of the way that the end piece is just a slide-on fit. It’s the type of handle where one piece fits inside the other and to extend it you remove the inner piece and push it on to the outer piece. The short separate end-piece has the screw boss for the net. My fear has always been that if I tried to lift a heavy fish from below, with the pole more or less vertical, the end piece might have become disengaged. It did happen to me once.

This problem is particularly relevant when I fish the River Welland where the banks are very high and I’ve had to pull up chub of over 4lbs.

I decided, therefore, to treat myself to the Drennan landing net handle and tried it for the first time yesterday. I was very impressed with the build quality. It’s not a cheap handle, but the quality shows through. The carbon fibre exhibited far more rigidity than my former handle and the twist lock mechanism made life much easier for a roving style of angling. With my old handle I either had to carry it fully extended, or mess about breaking it in two. With the twist-lock, a half-turn allows you to un-telescope the handle to a manageable length.

Drennan Twist lock landing net pole

Yesterday I fished a spot where, because of the height of the bank, I had to use the full extent of the handle to land a 4½lb chub, and I must say I felt far more reassured than I would have done with my former handle.

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