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Back to basics

To cut a longish story short, I bought a used Mercedes SLK last year as a ‘special’ car to be used on high days and holidays, as they say. Unfortunately Helen, my wife, wrote off her Clio earlier this year and the end result was we bought a new car by trading in my Qashqai. So we ended up with the new car, which Helen uses most days, and my SLK, which I now have to use for fishing!

This has caused me to rethink completely what I take when I go fishing.

It’s sort of back to basics, or put another way, back to my youth when I only had one rod so my choices were somewhat limited. I now have a number of rods, victim of the rampant consumerism that has swept all walks of life, whereby one of anything isn’t good enough. You must have choices and, of course, always the most recent and technically developed piece of kit. I’m guilty of acquiring quite a bit of tackle since I got back into fishing about ten years ago.

When I go to the Welland I roam, carrying a rod, landing net, a small tackle bag and an old canvas bucket (circa 1960s) in which I put bait, drink and waterproofs. I’ve now adopted the same approach for all my fishing trips, thus yesterday I took a single 10ft rod when I went after carp over the lake. If you enjoy roaming and searching for the fish, as I do, this is a very satisfying way of fishing.

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