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Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (18)

Grabbed a few hours over the lake. Very quiet!

Arrival time: 14.30
Weather: Very warm for time of year. Windy but lake not affected.
Swim: Lily pads and SW corner.
Tackle: 10ft Fishtec Compact Float, Shimano bait caster, 8lb line, 10 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat
Fish: One roach

Fishing has definitely taken a back seat to golf this year. On the plus side my golf has improved greatly, but I really need to rebalance things a bit.

I mentioned back in May that the west bank had been rather violently cleared, leaving deeply rutted ground. This has now overgrown with weeds and thorns, and is extremely hazardous to negotiate as you can’t see the ruts beneath the weed cover. The rushes around the lake have grown to such an extent that most of the ‘platform’ pitches are unfishable. I started at what I call the lily-pads, but to the right of the platform pitch. This meant I was casting at an angle to the gap between the pads, making it difficult to place the ledger weight where I wanted it. I didn’t get a touch for over an hour so tried the SW corner, which is a hazardous spot accessed down a steep bank. I needn’t have bothered as I didn’t get a touch there either.

Returning to the lily-pads I decided to sit it out and hope for something to develop as dusk approached. A drop-back bite, which I missed, had all the signs of being a roach, as did a more positive pull, that I also missed. I hooked the next pull, which as expected was a roach, albeit a nice one. I didn’t weigh it but suspect it was near a pound or so.

Syndicate Lake - 17 October 2014 - Roach

Syndicate Lake - Roach
My hopes that a carp may patrol the pads didn’t materialise and in fact after the roach I didn’t get another touch. I started to pack up about 17.45 as darkness descends fairly quickly at this time of year and to be honest if I had got into a carp I probably would have started to run out of daylight as I played it. And I didn’t fancy negotiating the undergrowth-covered rough ground in the dark.

That makes only four fishing trips this year, which is really sad!

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