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Syndicate Lake (Coarse) (2)

Back to the syndicate water.

Arrival time: 14.30
Weather: Bright sun and clouds with hardly any wind
Swim: Lily pads
Tackle: 13ft FishTec multi float, 8lb line, waggler, 12 hook.
11’6” Hardy Marksman, Shimano Exage 4000RC reel, 8lb line, 12 hook.
Bait: All fish taken on luncheon meat.
Fish: A couple of rudd, best 1lb 2oz, and a lost carp.

Second trip to the syndicate lake. This time I took some shears and cleared the blackberry thorns from the path. I also opened up a route round to the east bank. However, I fished the same spot as last week. An Environment Agency chap was there checking licences when I arrived. Only the second time I’ve been asked in 50 odd years!

I again started with the float rod but casting with the centre pin reel was awkward, so after about an hour I put out a small bomb ledger between the lily pads in front of me. I was using luncheon meat again. After a bit of a wait, at 16.50 my bobbin indicator (a wine bottle cork with a hairpin) rose quickly and I tightened into what was almost certainly a carp. Unfortunately it went into one of the clusters of lily pads and just as I thought I was making some headway in getting it out, the line slackened momentarily and then went solid. My hook was out of the fish and in the pads.

The lake is natural, and I don’t think I’m going to get quite as many bites as I would in a heavily stocked commercial lake. So losing a fish is more than a little disappointing. I continued with the same method, which involved quiet waiting, and felt I was becoming part of the scenery. To make the point dragon or damsel flies were quite content to perch on my knee for extended periods, not to mention the bees and countless other flying things that were buzzing around me. I wanted peace and quiet and I certainly had achieved it.

Rudd/roach 1lb 2oz

Rudd/roach 1lb 2oz

After a while (17.45) the bobbin blipped a couple of times before rising and I struck into what was clearly a smaller fish. It turned out to be a nice rudd of 1lb 2oz (photo). I say rudd, because of its colouring, but I must admit to being a bit unsure between rudd and roach sometimes. A bit later (19.15) I got another rudd of about 8oz. Both took fairly large pieces of luncheon meat.

I recast after landing the smaller rudd, and the bait hadn’t been out for long when the bobbin shot up, but it hit the rod and the line tightened before I could respond, and sure enough the fish had rejected the bait. Almost certainly another carp I would think.

I continued fishing to just after 20.00, when my luncheon meat was used up. I had another tin but decided to call it a day. An absolutely beautiful evening, full of promise, but there will be another day.

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