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Stake Hill (5)

Plenty of fish again.

Arrival time: 17.00 (started to fish at 17.15)
Weather: Bright with white cloud.
Blustery with occasional rain.
Swim: Far corner.
Tackle: 11’ Korum light feeder, Shimano 5000 reel, waggler, 8lb line, 2½lb hook length to a 16 hook.
Bait: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: 15 small carp, best 3lb 14oz, and some small bream up to 1lb.

I thought it was going to rain yesterday evening so delayed my return to the lake until this evening. A mistake as it turned out. Despite ominous clouds yesterday evening turned out perfect, whereas this evening threatened rain and eventually delivered it. I got a bit wet but fortunately I had brought the brolly this year so I was reasonably protected.

The evening was much like Monday. I started with flake and was soon landing small carp. Later I changed to luncheon meat, which was equally as effective. This evening’s tally was fifteen carp, most around the 2lb mark, with the best being 3lb 14oz. I also had three bream (or skimmers to use the current vernacular). The best was a pound. This explained why I was missing some ‘good’ bites, as hooking the bream was obviously trickier than hooking the much bolder carp.

Speaking to the owner it transpires that an 8½lb fish was taken last week, so perhaps next time I’ll increase the bait size and hope for something bigger. I think I will also increase the rating of the hook link, as even the 4lb fish are a bit touch and go on 2½lb line.

There were two other chaps there this evening. I seemed to be catching more than them, which was a bit embarrassing as they had been there all day. One gave me some worms when he left. I gave a worm a try and picked up a small bream.

At 21.00 the rain returned so I made a hasty retreat.

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