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Kilnsey (2)

A bit of fly fishing

Arrival time: 12.45
Weather: Overcast with some light rain
Swim: Fished from between lakes, trying each.
Tackle: Sonic SK3 9’6” #6/7 rod, Sonic SK3 reel, floating line, leader of 7lb & 5lb flourocarbon with 4lb tip.
Lures: Selection of nymphs.
Fish: Four rainbow trout. Best fish approx 3lbs.

My second visit to this nature park. Last time I hired a rod but I now have my own fly rod, so was able to get a catch and release 4-hour session for £13.50.

There were about five people on the lake and there didn’t seem much action, although a chap to my left landed a fish shortly after I arrived. I went and had a word with him about choice of fly, but he said he had tried a number of patterns since arriving about three hours earlier.

Kilnsey trout

Kilnsey trout

I decided on a nymph and started with a black-bodied pattern. I then changed to one with yellow ‘eyes’ as my first choice had failed to attract a number of fish that I had cast to. This second pattern also proved unattractive to the fish so I changed again to one with red in the body and white hackle fore and aft. At this point I also tried the lake behind me, as nobody seemed to be fishing it. Both lakes had algae blooms and this second lake was probably more affected than the first, but there were a number of fish cruising.

A few casts later I was into a fish and after a spirited fight a nice fish of perhaps around 3lb was on the bank. I hooked another in this lake but it came off.

After a while I moved back to the main lake where I fished for the remainder of the afternoon. I missed a number of ‘takes’ and had four fish on that came off after a short while. Perhaps there is room for improvement in my striking technique. I also need to practise playing fish while recovering and paying out line in my left hand. I think I lost contact a number of times and this probably was the cause of fish coming off.

Although takes were missed, and fish lost, I did mange to land a further three. Two were unfortunately foul-hooked near the mouth, which I assume was because they had ejected the fly and my late strike had caught them as they shied away. The last fish, however, was fairly hooked just before I packed up at 16.45, which was a nice way to end the session. All fish were of a good size, the first being the largest, with the others ranging between around 1 ½ and 2 ½lbs.

All in all it was an enjoyable four hours. I was particularly pleased with my casting, as I haven’t had much practice since I went on a half-day course early last year. I was getting good distance and on many occasions achieving a nice delivery with the line laid out more or less straight between the fly and the rod top. It could have easily been eight fish if those that shed the hook had not done so.

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