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Not been fishing

I haven’t been fishing for over two months, thus the lack of postings. Obviously we’ve had Christmas and the weather on occasions hasn’t actually been very welcoming, especially the high winds. I really do not like fishing in the wind, particularly here in the Fens where even a light breeze has the ability to literally create waves.

I’ve also got a bit hooked on golf recently, which has eaten into available time. But the fishing bug hasn’t gone, I assure you, and I will get down to the river again in the near future.

I’m sitting on the fence a bit over commercial lakes. When I started fishing again a few years ago the commercial lake experience was entirely new, and it was a very convenient way to get back into catching fish. In fact, it offered opportunities that were just not there when I fished as a lad. However, I have become a bit disillusioned with the whole modern fishing ethos.

I subscribed to Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine and nearly every article seemed to be obsessed with catching as many fish as possible, and the amount of space dedicated to wonder baits and special rigs started to turn me off. There were some good features, such as small river fishing using simple tackle arrangements, scientific articles about fish, underwater photography showing how end tackle behaves and historical pieces. But set against these were interminable articles describing how somebody’s latest bait or rig will allow you to catch fish after fish, as if that’s all that matters.

So, I have unsubscribed from the magazine and have decided to go back to basics. River fishing where possible, keeping away from crowds (i.e. commercials in high summer) and enjoying nature and places where nature is not unduly disturbed. And not worrying if I don’t catch 100lbs of fish in a day.

Watch the 2012 diary to see how this pans out.

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