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Fields End (27)

Mirror 12lb 10oz

Mirror 12lb 10oz

Back to the 'Reed Swim' again. This time the weather was more genial. Patchy cloud and a gentle wind combined to give quite a pleasant day.

The conditions allowed float fishing and this resulted in good sport, although all the fish in the morning were quite small. I took 2 commons, 3 crucians and a mirror, all on bread flake. The best common was 5lb (weighed) with the other fish being between 1 - 3lb (estimated).

The afternoon was then very quiet but as is usual at Fields End things hotted up towards evening and I caught 3 mirrors between 17.15 and 18.15 pm, the best being 12lb 10oz.

Mirror 7lb 6oz

Mirror 7lb 6oz

The other two were 7lb 6oz (picture) and 5lb 8oz.

It was a good day although the quiet period during the afternoon was a bit disheartening.

Float fishing the margins is proving to be a very rewarding approach as it not only offers sport from smaller fish but also maintains the possibility of a really good one. I still, however, seem to be the exception to the rule as the majority of anglers favour feeder fishing at a distance.

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