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Fields End (84)

An afternoon and evening session.

Arrival time: 15.00 (started to fish at 15.25)
Weather: Bright and warm with increasing cloud.
SW wind moderated and eased completely into the evening.
Swim: Reed End.
Tackle: 11’ Korum light feeder, Shimano 5000 reel, waggler, 8lb line, 12 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat.
Fish: Three carp, best 8lb 10oz, and four tench, best 3lb 14oz

I was so shattered after last week’s all day session in the wind and sun that I decided to go to the lake for the afternoon and evening.

There was a fresh SW wind blowing so a swim in the SW bay would have been ideal, but all were taken bar one, and with that number of people concentrated in one area I decided to go to the NE corner, which was deserted. Back to the Reed End where I was last week. Glutton for punishment?

The waggler in fact rode the wavelets quite well and I was quickly into my first fish, a tench of 2lb 6oz. Soon after a 4lb leather came to the net and within minutes of landing that I had an 8lb 10oz common on the bank. The storming start was, however, soon to fizzle out.

For the next couple of hours or so I kept missing bites. They were ‘fly away’ takes and I couldn’t understand how I was missing them. However, on a couple of occasions a small scale came back on the hook. I suspect, therefore, they were roach or other silver fish and that the bites might have been ‘liners’. Perhaps there was a large shoal milling around.

At 19.00 the interlude stopped when I hooked a good fish only to lose it after two or three minutes. It was almost certainly a tench. I then took three more tench, all on luncheon meat, the best just under 4lb.

Common 8lb 10oz

Common 8lb 10oz

Tench 3lb 14oz

Tench 3lb 14oz

As dusk approached the wind dropped and conditions seemed ideal but the carp weren’t interested. A small common of 3½lb was all I managed before I packed up at about 20.45.

I’m beginning to think that the lake is showing signs of over-fishing. Usually the last hour before dusk is, as near as can be, a sure bet to pick up some carp but I wasn’t the only one not succeeding.

Things weren’t helped by a chap setting up in the adjacent Reed swim late in the evening and making quite a bit of noise on the platform.


15.35 - Tench - 2lb 6oz - flake
16.00 - Leather - 4lb 0oz - flake
16.15 - Common - 8lb 10oz - flake
19.00 - lost fish - probably tench
19.10 - Tench - 3lb 0oz - luncheon meat
19.20 - Tench - 3lb 14oz - luncheon meat
20.35 - Tench 2lb 9oz - luncheon meat
20.40 - Common - 3lb 8oz - luncheon meat

Not a bad afternoon, but it was disappointing that the pre-dusk carp didn’t appear. I also got snagged in the reeds twice, courtesy of the gusty wind, losing hooks on both occasions.

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