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Fields End (79)

Personal best Crucian carp today.

Arrival time: 07.00 (started to fish at 07.45)
Weather: Cloudy start, bright later. Strong SW wind.
Swim: Tree Corner.
Tackle: 14ft Shimano Speedmaster match rod, new Shimano Exage reel with 5lb line, 16 hook tied direct. Insert waggler.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat.
Fish: Three carp, best 12lbs, nine crucians, best 2lbs 7oz, a 2lbs 9oz tench and a few roach.

The forecast was for a warm day, but windy. The morning was, in fact, far from warm. Cloudy with a strong SW wind it was quite chilly. I benefitted from being in the Tree Corner, which is protected from south-westerlies.

Having succeeded with luncheon meat on my last visit I started with this bait. A couple of missed bites in over an hour convinced me that, today, this bait wasn’t working. I switched to flake, which resulted in more bites, in fact a bite almost every cast, but I couldn’t hit them; small roach, maybe. At 9.20 a nice roach of 11oz was a welcome relief but other than a couple of smaller roach, and what I think was an Ide of about 8oz just before midday, things were quite dire.

Crucian carp 1lb 15oz

Crucian carp 1lb 15oz

Crucian carp 2lb7oz

Crucian carp 2lb7oz

Carp 12lb

Carp 12lb

At 12.30 I hit a better fish, which turned out to be a fine 1lb 15oz crucian carp.

There followed a spell where I caught a total of nine crucian carp (see table).

All fish were over a pound, with the largest at 2lb 7oz (photograph) being a personal best for this species.

Crucian Carp

The last crucian was caught at 17.10 and at this point I decided to switch to luncheon meat in the hope of picking up a carp or barbel as the evening approached. In fact, at 17.50 a tench of 2lb 9oz took the luncheon meat. I persevered and at 18.30 a nice common carp of 7¼lb was landed after a spirited fight on light tackle. Twenty minutes later, after an even more impressive battle, a 12lb mirror was landed (photograph).

It was now nearly 19.00 and I debated whether to have another cast, worried that an even bigger fish may not be landed before nightfall. I succumbed, and at 19.10 landed a 6lb mirror that really battled. It took more line in a single run that either of the other fish. My new Shimano Exage reel in combination with the match rod is working extremely well.

Again I debated another cast as the carp were obviously now patrolling the margin. But caution prevailed and I packed up. A fine day’s fishing.

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