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Syndicate Lake (Fly)

Syndicate Lake (Fly) (1)

Syndicate trout lake.

Arrival time: 12..00
Weather: Warm with light breeze.
Swim: Roamed the lake
Tackle: 9’6” SONIK SK3 fly rod, floating line, leader of 7lb & 5lb flourocarbon.
Lures: Selection of flies.
Fish: None

I was offered membership of a syndicate in my area that comprises a trout lake and a coarse lake. The majority of the members fish the trout lake leaving the coarse lake almost unfished. This appealed to me and I will report on the coarse lake later. However, I thought this was the opportune time to take up fly fishing properly. I had been on a course a few years ago, and another one this year at Rutland Water, but I needed to acquire some decent fly fishing tackle. I ordered this once my membership had been confirmed, and this was my first visit to the water. Read Full Report...

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