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River Teme (1)

Arrival time: 09:00
Weather: Bright after heavy overnight rain. Heavy rain shower at lunchtime.
Swim: Upstream from car park.
Tackle: 12ft Korum Multi Feeder, 8lb line, feeder/leger and 10 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: One unwelcome eel!

I checked out the Docklow Pools’ stretch of the River Teme yesterday. Like the Wye, most of the bank was unfishable. There were three fishable swims upstream from the car park and although I saw a chap fishing downstream I couldn’t work out how he had got down to the river.

Today I arrived and nobody else was there. I went to a swim under some trees, where the water was running off some shallows into a deep glide about 10-15 yards downstream. It seemed a textbook barbel swim. Read Full Report...

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