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River Indrois (2)

Fishing in France.

Arrival time: 18.00
Weather: Warm with light breeze.
Swim: River walk at Montrésor
Tackle:12ft Greys’ Rova Float rod, 5lb line, waggler, 14 hook.
Bait: Bread flake and spam.
Fish: None - one carp lost.

I had been reluctant to return to the Indrois after the mauling I received from the mosquitoes the previous time. In fact I started off by visiting a lake at Chemillé. I had checked it out a few days earlier. It was a big lake and part of a holiday complex, with pitches set aside for night carp fishing. I prefer smaller waters and had decided to try the end of the lake by the road bridge, where it narrowed and there were lily pads. Having arrived and set up I found the water was less than 2 feet deep by the pads. I fished for about 45 minutes but wasn’t feeling very positive about my chances. I French chap who arrived at the same time as me had only one small roach out of a side stream.

I decided mosquitoes or not, I would head back to the Indrois at Montrésor to have another crack at the carp. Read Full Report...

River Indrois (1)

Fishing in France.

Arrival time: 16.00
Weather: Warm with little wind.
Swim: River walk at Montrésor
Tackle: 12ft Greys’ Rova Float rod, 5lb line, waggler, 14 hook.
Bait: All fish taken on bread flake.
Fish: One carp of 6lb 5oz and a very small catfish.

We were in France for three weeks so I took some tackle. I had bought two rods from the Greys’ Rova range and on this occasion used the float rod.

We had walked along the river the previous evening and I spotted a couple of carp under the lily pads. It always helps if you know where the fish hang out. Read Full Report...

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