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Manea Pit (3)

A return to Manae Pit but not much doing.

Arrival time: 13.00
Weather: Clearing after heavy rain during the morning.
Breeze freshened once rain had stopped. Bright afternoon.
Swim: Main lake. First bay on SW bank.
Tackle: 14ft Shimano Speedmaster match rod, Shimano Exage reel with 5lb line, 16 hook on 5lb fluorocarbon link. Insert waggler.
Bait: Sweetcorn
Fish: A few roach.

My neighbour’s father was house-sitting while they were away and I had suggested a day’s fishing. We originally planned to go to Stamford but a morning of heavy rain, and an uncertain outlook, modified our plans. Instead we went to Manea Pit, which is much closer. In the event, after a little more rain the afternoon brightened with a freshening breeze and it was quite pleasant.

I previously fished the pit in March 2010 and the lake was reasonably clear of weed. Today, however, the weed growth was prolific, not helped by the climatic conditions this year. We spoke to a chap who was picking up litter (why oh why don’t anglers take their littler home) and he said they had been removing weed but its progress had basically outpaced them. Read Full Report...

Manea Pit (2)

Having caught nothing on the Monday, I returned armed with pellets, biscuits and maggots. This time there was no sign of the carp (typical) so I persevered with bottom-fed maggot on a waggler. The water is deep off the fishing stage; about 6 feet just by the reeds. This is obviously because on the stage you are a few yards out into the lake. After a while I tempted some small rudd. Then came a surprise; the float shot away and a better fish was on. I thought I had cracked the carp problem. However, it turned out it was a small jack-pike (about a pound) that had obviously lunged at a fish and become entangled in my line. It wasn't hooked but a loop of line was around its teeth; most odd. It was surprising that I got it in. Read Full Report...

Manea Pit (1)

My neighbour, Steven, mentioned Manea Pit to me the other day. He has been fishing it since he was a lad, and work is currently under way to improve the banks, access etc. It's only about 8 miles away.

I went for a ride over there on my bike and it certainly has some character. Much of the bank is reeded and there are also reeds across the lake. They have formed some access ways out into the reeds and it was on one of these that I tried my luck. Read Full Report...

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