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Not been fishing

I haven’t been fishing for over two months, thus the lack of postings. Obviously we’ve had Christmas and the weather on occasions hasn’t actually been very welcoming, especially the high winds. I really do not like fishing in the wind, particularly here in the Fens where even a light breeze has the ability to literally create waves.

I’ve also got a bit hooked on golf recently, which has eaten into available time. But the fishing bug hasn’t gone, I assure you, and I will get down to the river again in the near future.

I’m sitting on the fence a bit over commercial lakes. When I started fishing again a few years ago the commercial lake experience was entirely new, and it was a very convenient way to get back into catching fish. In fact, it offered opportunities that were just not there when I fished as a lad. However, I have become a bit disillusioned with the whole modern fishing ethos. Read Full Report...

Skee-Tex Field Boots

I bought some Skee-Tex Field Boots the other week.

Just the thing for winter fishing.

Skee-Tex Boots

Be My Guest

I’ve just finished reading ‘Be My Guest’; a compilation of the writings of Richard Walker during the early 1960s.

It has been extremely refreshing to read about angling as it then was. This was the period when, as a youngster and teenager, I fished every week, latterly with the Stonebridge Park Angling Society (SPAS). In those days our catches were mediocre in comparison with what youngsters can now catch from well-stocked commercial lakes. But I think we got more from the sport. We had to learn to read the water, which was invariably a river, and certainly couldn’t guarantee to catch on every trip.

The narrative of the book is that of Dick instructing a young companion, very much like Mr Crabtree goes Fishing. It is a dialogue that is written as a monologue, with the reader needing to infer what the young companion is saying to Dick. It is an unusual but very enjoyable method of imparting angling knowledge. Read Full Report...

Fishing on hold

Having tried some sub-zero river fishing at the back-end of last year and the beginning of this one, and suffered accordingly, I’m holding back during this current cold spell.

I seem to be in good company as I’ve only seen pike anglers on the local drains, and not many of them at that! I’m not a pike man.

Richard Walker

As somebody who starting fishing at the back end of the 1950s, Richard (Dick) Walker was a major influence, as he was arguably for thousands of other anglers. I recently bought his biography, written in 2007 by Barrie Rickards. I’m currently reading it, and have found it revealing in many ways. It also pointed me at other books, one of which was ‘Drop Me a Line’, the publication of letters between Maurice Ingham and RW at a time when many new theories and innovations were being discussed. It was published in 1953, with reprints in 1964 and 1989. The biography was a bit disparaging about the 1989 reprint, so I visited AbeBooks to see if I could obtain a copy of the first or second edition. Read Full Report...

Tackle Fanatics

In my enthusiasm to get back into angling a few years ago I bought quite a bit of new tackle, being influenced a lot by what I saw around my local lake at Fields End. This included a 2½lb test Fox Warrior feeder rod that I used a couple of times before deciding the bombardier style of angling was not for me. I also bought a Korum rucksack for use on my bike, but it was a bit too bulky and I’ve since fitted panniers, which are safer and easier than carting a rucksack on my back. Also, if using the rucksack when not on the bike it was difficult also to sling a rod holdall over the shoulder, as it kept slipping off. And on the subject of rod holdalls, I bought a Korum total protection two-rod system, which was a good product but really too bulky if, like me, you carry everything and don’t go down the trolley route. Read Full Report...

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