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Decoy Lakes (1)

After the blank at the Welland on 1 December I thought I might try some roach fishing at fields End with the off-chance of a winter carp. However, when I arrived at Fields End they were concreting the approach road and the lakes were closed.

Stuck for what to do, I remembered that there was a venue called Decoy Lakes somewhere near Whittlesley, so I set off to try to find it. After one false routing I eventually arrived around 09.00. A very friendly lady explained the set up there. They have a number of lakes, and I opted for a horseshoe shaped one that seemed to have been created by building a spit head into a high-banked pool, thus providing fishing stations in what otherwise would have been a virtually unfishable lake.

It was a lovely December day. There was a bit of a breeze, but the lake was sheltered. Read Full Report...

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