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Block Fen (14)

Five hours, one bite and one lost fish!

Arrival time: 15.45
Weather: Bright, warm and windy.
Pond is sheltered but wind created a nuisance drift.
Swim: Pump Pond - Reed Corner.
Tackle: Drennan Barbel Specialist, Shimano Exage 4000, 12lb line, size 8 hook tied direct.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: One lost

Again I decided to grab a few hours over the Pump Pond. It’s a difficult lake and I would only ever expect one or two fish. On this occasion the wind was blowing into the opposite corner and there was little sign of reed movement. However, after a while I spotted a few knocks on the reeds indicating that fish were in residence.

There were two carpers bivvied up on the opposite bank. They were obviously sleeping in readiness for the night session when I arrived, although their lines were out with bite alarms in place. There was also another angler in the opposite corner. During the time I was there none of them caught anything.

The slight drift created by the wind made it difficult to free-line as it pulled the line under the surface, making line indication impossible. After a while I added a self-cocking float on a sliding rig, which allowed me to cast very close to the reeds. This is a technique I’ve used previously with success. After starting off with flake I changed to luncheon meat. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (13)

A few hours at the Pump Pond, Block Fen, Mepal.

Arrival time: 15.15
Weather: Bright and warm with a breeze.
Pond is sheltered and was not affected by the wind.
Swim: Pump Pond - Reed Corner.
Tackle: Drennan Barbel Specialist, John Wilson reel, 12lb line (free-lining), size 8 hook tied direct.
Bait: Bread flake
Fish: two carp, best 8lbs

As I didn’t have a complete free day this week I thought I would try a few hours at the little pump pond at Mepal where I’ve previously had some success stalking the carp. It’s not an easy place to fish, which makes any success that much more rewarding.

The conditions were good. The pond was protected from the prevailing wind but a surface drift had taken detritus into the reed corner where I fish. I started with a sliding pre-weighted balsa float, which had worked well on a previous visit. This time, however, it was drifting out of place. I therefore reverted to simple free lining using the weight of the bread flake to cast. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (12)

Arrival time: 16.30
Weather: Bright and very warm with a breeze that dropped during the late evening.
Swim: Reed corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat
Fish: One carp of 4½lbs.

After the relative ease of catching fish at Fields End on Tuesday, Block Fen brought me back to reality. It had a been a very warm day and even at 16.30 it was very hot. The breeze hardly affected the sheltered corner I fish but there was some line drag. More annoyingly there was a family of moorhens that emerged, tiny chick in tow, every time I cast, obviously looking for tit-bits. Unfortunately they often snagged the line forcing a re-cast, and the whole process started again. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (11)

Arrival time: 15.15
Weather: Sunny with clouds and a south-easterly breeze that dropped during the late evening.
Swim: Reed corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat
Fish: One carp 18lbs 3oz

After a couple of blanks at Block Fen I went back today to try my luck. I had been waiting at home for the delivery of my pond liner but as Helen was in for the afternoon I decided to grab a few hours fishing.

My reed corner was free when I arrived just after 15.00. There were a couple of ‘carp’ anglers on the opposite bank; multiple rods, big feeders and rather too much bait being fed in. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (10)

Arrival time: 07.15
Weather: Sunny with a light southerly breeze that freshened during the morning.
Swim: Reed corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: None

I was undecided today as to whether to go back to Block Fen or go to Fields End. In the end as the forecast was for fresh SW breeze, which is always difficult at Fields End, I decided to return to Block Fen after yesterday evening’s disappointment.

I arrived about 07.15 and there was nobody there. The lake is fairly sheltered and the southern end, where I fish, is protected from southerly winds. In fact, conditions seemed ideal and there were signs of fish moving in the reeds. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (9)

Arrival time: 16.00
Weather: Sunny with a light south easterly breeze.
Swim: NW corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Fish: None

After Tuesday’s success I decided to try another evening session. Unfortunately my corner spot was taken by the only other angler on the lake. I decided to fish the opposite NW corner while waiting to see if the other chap left early. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (8)

Arrival time: 17.00
Weather: Alternate sun and clouds but with a fresh northerly breeze.
Swim: Reed corner
Tackle: 12ft Barbel specialist, 12lb line, 8 hook.
Baits: Bread flake
Fish: One carp 15lb 2oz

My first visit to Block Fen this year. I made up my mind quite in the day late to go.

When I arrived there were three anglers on the main bank, which surprised me considering it was early season and mid-week. One was opposite where I usually fish and unfortunately he was casting over to my bank. I apologised but he said it wasn’t a problem. I must admit that I don’t understand why people fish the far bank when the option exists to fish under the rod top, so to speak. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (7)

Back again to the Pump Pond at Block Fen. After a cold night it was a very still day; overcast but not too cold. I arrived earlier than on recent visits; at about 15.30.

Although the water looked very inviting I didn't get that 'fishy' feeling that I normally experience in this spot. The surface scum on the water had been cleared by high winds over the weekend and, unfortunately, some of the reeds had blown down making it difficult to drop a bait into the far end of the bay.

Unlike on all previous occasions I didn't get an early run and my un-fishy feelings seemed to be warranted. Despite trying all parts of the reed margin I only got one half-hearted pull, and I didn't connect. Although there were signs of fish moving in the reeds on the far bank, the usual tell-tale signs of shaking reeds were not present around the bay I normally fish. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (6)

After the success on Tuesday (29/9) I returned, this time a bit earlier at 15.30. It was a bright sunny afternoon with fluffy white clouds in a blue sky. A gentle breeze hardly ruffled the water but I was to find that it did in fact cause the line to drift, making the free-lining technique I use not quite as easy.

White bread and luncheon meat today. I started with the always reliable bread and after only 15 minutes had a run, connecting with a medium-sized fish that unfortunately caused a bit of disturbance as I hooked it near the reeds. Like Tuesday's fish, it didn't produce any dramatic runs but gave a dogged fight with numerous lunges as I brought it to the net. It was a 6½lb Common in superb condition and had magnificent colouring - golden flanks and dark red/purple fins. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (5)

A chap came to discuss our wills today and it was thoroughly depressing. With no more than about two hours of daylight left I went to the Pump Pond, arriving at 17.30. There was nobody there; in fact there didn't appear to be anybody on the main lake either. Very peaceful. The lake was very calm and all the scum had drifted into the reed corner where I fish. It didn't look very attractive but, of course, theory says this is where the fish should be.

I only had the remains of a cut wholemeal loaf for bait. I've never used brown bread before, so this was likely to be either a revelation or a disappointment. I had a run fairly soon after casting but the fish had released the bait before I tightened. Curses! However, shortly after I had another run and connected with a smallish carp, which turned out to be a 4lb 3oz common. As with all the fish I've caught in this lake it was in fine condition, but I worried that it had spooked any other fish as it struggled by the reeds.
Read Full Report...

Block Fen (4)

The previous evening had whetted my appetite so I returned to the Pump Pond around 12.30. The main bank of the lake was fully occupied with the anglers seeming to be after carp by casting to the opposite bank. There was a youngster with them who spent a lot of time running up and down the bank, with foot falls that seemed more reminiscent of an elephant than a child. There was in fact a lot of movement; hardly ideal conditions for margin fishing.

The weather was also a bit iffy. Rain was forecast and the wind was quite difficult even though the lake is reasonably sheltered. I had the small piece of quill on the line as an indicator but the wind was catching this and causing the bait to drag. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (3)

The Block Fen Pump Pond is an ideal venue for me. It's a small pond, which I like, and it offers a great opportunity to stalk the margins. The downside is that on some days it can get a bit busy and a fair amount of tromping up and down the bank occurs. This may or may not disturb the carp, who knows, but I always feel that noise and vibration are the enemies of margin fishing.

The other great advantage is that is only about 10 minutes away by car, so a few hours in the evening is an easy option. This is exactly what I did on 1 September. It was bright but quite breezy; the wind hardly seems to have dropped this year. The pond is sheltered but the breeze can cause awkward swirls and drifts that make margin free-lining less easy. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (2)

Following my first trip to the Pump Pond I went again for a few hours, judging that the evening probably provided the best opportunities. I went with Mick, our neighbour's father, and we arrived just before 5 pm. I decided to go for the reed corner where I had lost a fish on my first visit. It was a very breezy evening and this caused a bit of difficulty with my free-lining technique.

I cast a piece of flake right to the far corner by the reeds and soon had a good run, which I hit, only quickly to lose the fish in the reeds. I had taken my 1¾lb test barbel road with 12lb line but the line broke as I tried to turn the fish from the reeds. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (1)

This was my first fishing visit to Block Fen. It was a bright day and although there was a breeze it was not affecting the water too much as the lake is in a dip. We had some rain during the day.

On a previous 'viewing' I had decided on the Pump Pond as an ideal small water that would suit my margin fishing preferences. However, my first visit was rather curtailed by the presence of a group of anglers that had bivvied and occupied a fair section of one bank. As the other banks offer hardly any accessible swims, options were limited.

I settled in the remaining swim on the accessible bank and started with a waggler - usual stuff. Oodles of small bubbles promised action but other than a few non-hittable bites things were very slow indeed. I suddenly realised how relatively easy a commercial water like Fields End is compared to a club venue such as this. I tried casting to the far bank and had some pulls that triggered the bite alarms but they were not positive enough to hit. Read Full Report...

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