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Decoy Lakes (1)

After the blank at the Welland on 1 December I thought I might try some roach fishing at fields End with the off-chance of a winter carp. However, when I arrived at Fields End they were concreting the approach road and the lakes were closed.

Stuck for what to do, I remembered that there was a venue called Decoy Lakes somewhere near Whittlesley, so I set off to try to find it. After one false routing I eventually arrived around 09.00. A very friendly lady explained the set up there. They have a number of lakes, and I opted for a horseshoe shaped one that seemed to have been created by building a spit head into a high-banked pool, thus providing fishing stations in what otherwise would have been a virtually unfishable lake.

It was a lovely December day. There was a bit of a breeze, but the lake was sheltered. Read Full Report...

River Welland (3)

Following the successes in the summer I returned to the Welland for some winter sport. A cold frosty morning following a period of wet weather. I arrived soon after 09.00.

As you would expect, the river was very different. There was much more water in it, the banks were more accessible as the profuse vegetation had died down and what weed there was in the river wasn't visible through the coloured water.

I headed for the bay where I had been successful in the summer and was surprised to see a chap in the spot just before it. In fact he was where the chap in August had had success. I got my bay but later found out that the chap had already taken a 3lb chub from there. I tried my best but couldn't get a touch. Disappointing really given my previous success in this swim. Read Full Report...

Fields End (49)

With a promised SW breeze the tree swim seemed an ideal choice. I arrived at 07.00 but found the breeze more southerly. However, I stuck it out on the expectation that the wind would probably shift. It did, but not until after lunch, making the morning something of a frustrating affair.

Based on the assumption that colder weather would reduce the fishes' appetite I bought some maggots; a very rare thing for me. I should have stuck to my convictions as maggot only attracted small roach and nuisance perch, some no bigger than a finger.

I plodded on all day with the waggler using maggot and bread, but had not a sniff of carp. There was no tell-tale movement around the marginal reeds and I suspect that they were not actually there. In fact not a lot of fish were taken around the lake, and those that were fell to feeder rigs. Read Full Report...

Fields End (48)

With a forecast for light to no wind it seemed a good day to visit Fields End. The night had been cold and the lake was still, with a light mist over the surface. Nobody there, so spoilt for choice.

Started in the tree swim, where I had been last week, but I had also looked at the reed corner, which was looking very inviting. After a very short while, having seen fish movement over by the reed corner, and no movement (or bites) where I was, I decided to move.

I had given some advice to a chap who was relatively new to the sport and was staying on site. Having shown him the reed swim, he settled there, so I went to the opposite end of the reed margin. I hadn't fished this particular spot before, but with the water level having dropped over summer it was possible to sit besides the high platform. This allowed me to cast down the side of the reeds, something not possible from the platform because of the different sight line.

Read Full Report...

Block Fen (7)

Back again to the Pump Pond at Block Fen. After a cold night it was a very still day; overcast but not too cold. I arrived earlier than on recent visits; at about 15.30.

Although the water looked very inviting I didn't get that 'fishy' feeling that I normally experience in this spot. The surface scum on the water had been cleared by high winds over the weekend and, unfortunately, some of the reeds had blown down making it difficult to drop a bait into the far end of the bay.

Unlike on all previous occasions I didn't get an early run and my un-fishy feelings seemed to be warranted. Despite trying all parts of the reed margin I only got one half-hearted pull, and I didn't connect. Although there were signs of fish moving in the reeds on the far bank, the usual tell-tale signs of shaking reeds were not present around the bay I normally fish. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (6)

After the success on Tuesday (29/9) I returned, this time a bit earlier at 15.30. It was a bright sunny afternoon with fluffy white clouds in a blue sky. A gentle breeze hardly ruffled the water but I was to find that it did in fact cause the line to drift, making the free-lining technique I use not quite as easy.

White bread and luncheon meat today. I started with the always reliable bread and after only 15 minutes had a run, connecting with a medium-sized fish that unfortunately caused a bit of disturbance as I hooked it near the reeds. Like Tuesday's fish, it didn't produce any dramatic runs but gave a dogged fight with numerous lunges as I brought it to the net. It was a 6½lb Common in superb condition and had magnificent colouring - golden flanks and dark red/purple fins. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (5)

A chap came to discuss our wills today and it was thoroughly depressing. With no more than about two hours of daylight left I went to the Pump Pond, arriving at 17.30. There was nobody there; in fact there didn't appear to be anybody on the main lake either. Very peaceful. The lake was very calm and all the scum had drifted into the reed corner where I fish. It didn't look very attractive but, of course, theory says this is where the fish should be.

I only had the remains of a cut wholemeal loaf for bait. I've never used brown bread before, so this was likely to be either a revelation or a disappointment. I had a run fairly soon after casting but the fish had released the bait before I tightened. Curses! However, shortly after I had another run and connected with a smallish carp, which turned out to be a 4lb 3oz common. As with all the fish I've caught in this lake it was in fine condition, but I worried that it had spooked any other fish as it struggled by the reeds.
Read Full Report...

Fields End (47)

With a westerly wind forecast today I went for the west bank; the bush swim that is almost opposite the north end of the island. The day started bright and clear with hardly a breeze, but the wind came up during the day and was veering towards NW. Although I was out of the worst of it, it did cause an undertow that made light waggler fishing a bit difficult.

I started by trying a piece of bread fake free-lined down the margin. I had a pull on the line, but it wasn't a carp. I therefore switched to waggler and, after missing a bite, I hooked and landed a 2lb 10oz tench. It fought very well for its size. I was using my new 10 ft compact float rod. Read Full Report...

Fields End (46)

After losing so many fish in the reed swim I was true to my word and today I fished a spot half way along the east bank. I had fished there earlier in the year when I had arrived late and most of the pitches were occupied. On that occasion I caught some tench and got the carp feeding on the surface later in the day.

It was bright and overcast with a slight NE breeze. The spot I was in was very sheltered thanks to trees behind and a large bush right next to me. Read Full Report...

Fields End (45)

Feeling a bit cheated by my need to leave early on Wednesday (the 9th) I returned on Friday to the reed swim. Now I've said this before but this time I mean it - I am not going to fish this swim again because I just lose too many fish!

It had been a chilly night and a mist hung over the water as I arrived.

It was bright with high broken cloud and while there was no wind; a NE was forecast. The reed swim is sheltered from the NE wind and the day actually turned out to be very warm for those out of the wind. Those in the wind were complaining of the cold! Read Full Report...

Fields End (44)

The weather forecast was for a NE wind turning to W later in the day. A difficult call, but I decided to fish on the west bank by the tree, where I hoped to get the crucians going first thing and then towards evening tempt the carp on the surface, as this spot is good for getting fish feeding off the top close-in.

It was bright with a few spots of early rain. Amazingly only two of us were on the lake for the first hour or so even though the caravan site seemed quite full. I arrived at 07.00 and fished a waggler on my new compact 10ft float rod; a little powerhouse designed for margin fishing, among other things. I had to wait until 08.15 for my first fish; a crucian of 1½lbs. By this time the NE wind had blown up and it was both chilly and difficult to fish with the waggler. I therefore moved to the reed swim. Before I moved, though, I had the rare opportunity to see a water vole in full view. It actually perched on the base of the fishing platform. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (4)

The previous evening had whetted my appetite so I returned to the Pump Pond around 12.30. The main bank of the lake was fully occupied with the anglers seeming to be after carp by casting to the opposite bank. There was a youngster with them who spent a lot of time running up and down the bank, with foot falls that seemed more reminiscent of an elephant than a child. There was in fact a lot of movement; hardly ideal conditions for margin fishing.

The weather was also a bit iffy. Rain was forecast and the wind was quite difficult even though the lake is reasonably sheltered. I had the small piece of quill on the line as an indicator but the wind was catching this and causing the bait to drag. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (3)

The Block Fen Pump Pond is an ideal venue for me. It's a small pond, which I like, and it offers a great opportunity to stalk the margins. The downside is that on some days it can get a bit busy and a fair amount of tromping up and down the bank occurs. This may or may not disturb the carp, who knows, but I always feel that noise and vibration are the enemies of margin fishing.

The other great advantage is that is only about 10 minutes away by car, so a few hours in the evening is an easy option. This is exactly what I did on 1 September. It was bright but quite breezy; the wind hardly seems to have dropped this year. The pond is sheltered but the breeze can cause awkward swirls and drifts that make margin free-lining less easy. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (2)

Following my first trip to the Pump Pond I went again for a few hours, judging that the evening probably provided the best opportunities. I went with Mick, our neighbour's father, and we arrived just before 5 pm. I decided to go for the reed corner where I had lost a fish on my first visit. It was a very breezy evening and this caused a bit of difficulty with my free-lining technique.

I cast a piece of flake right to the far corner by the reeds and soon had a good run, which I hit, only quickly to lose the fish in the reeds. I had taken my 1¾lb test barbel road with 12lb line but the line broke as I tried to turn the fish from the reeds. Read Full Report...

Fields End (43)

After a bit of a break from Fields End I went with my neighbour's father, Mick, as he was up for the week. I had become a bit disillusioned with the lake because of the number of people, and the lack of peace and quiet as some of them communicated by shouting to each other from bank to bank. However, on this occasion things weren't too hectic and at no time did the lake get too crowded. It was a bright day but the wind was fresh and it got more intrusive as the day went on. It also rained heavily at one point.

I started in the reed swim and was soon landing a 2lb 6oz tench taken on free-lined bread flake. I missed a few 'pulls' and then lost what was almost certainly a carp in the reeds. Read Full Report...

Block Fen (1)

This was my first fishing visit to Block Fen. It was a bright day and although there was a breeze it was not affecting the water too much as the lake is in a dip. We had some rain during the day.

On a previous 'viewing' I had decided on the Pump Pond as an ideal small water that would suit my margin fishing preferences. However, my first visit was rather curtailed by the presence of a group of anglers that had bivvied and occupied a fair section of one bank. As the other banks offer hardly any accessible swims, options were limited.

I settled in the remaining swim on the accessible bank and started with a waggler - usual stuff. Oodles of small bubbles promised action but other than a few non-hittable bites things were very slow indeed. I suddenly realised how relatively easy a commercial water like Fields End is compared to a club venue such as this. I tried casting to the far bank and had some pulls that triggered the bite alarms but they were not positive enough to hit. Read Full Report...

River Welland (2)

After the successful day on 23 July I returned, this time with Helen. I had decided to fish the spot that produced the two larger fish last time, as it was fairly open and would allow Helen to sit comfortably to watch. However, best laid plans and all that, it turned out that a couple of chaps were already in situ.

I decided, therefore, to fish the bridge swim. It is difficult but at least I knew there were fish there. It was also less ideal for Helen as the main footpath was at the top of the bank. I balanced myself on the rocks on the steep bank and cast a 2-swan shot link leger. There is a deep pool after the bridge and I cast to the run-off where the water is shallower. I didn't have a rod rest so balanced the rod on some vegetation. I then missed a pull on the rod top. I therefore decided to hold the rod and after a short while a good pull resulted in a hooked chub of 3½lb. It fought well in the fast water. Read Full Report...

River Welland (1)

I arrived just after 11.00 in the morning. It was bright and warm but very breezy. My tactics on this visit were to roam with a single rod and landing net and minimum tackle. I started free-lining but a downstream wind made far-bank control impossible, so I later switched to a couple of swan shot on a fixed link.

Chub 3lb 10oz

At the first swim I cast a free-lined piece of flake and immediately saw the line tighten. A 1lb 2oz chub came to the net. A fine start to the day. Things however got more difficult after that. About an hour later a 4½lb pike took my bread flake as I was retrieving; unexpected, but a good fight ensued.

After trying a number of unproductive spots, including the bridge swim where I had seen large fish, I concentrated on a shallow section where I could see the fish. After a while a chub emerged to take by bread flake, which I could see on the bottom in the shallow water. A fine 3lb 10oz fish was landed. Read Full Report...

Fields End (42)

After a week away in Yorkshire where I did a bit of fishing on a local lake, I went for an afternoon to Fields End. I didn't arrive until 15.15 and the place was packed. The new caravan park has increased the resident anglers and despite there being only about five cars in the car park, there were literally only a couple of places free around the lake. It was humid and there was a very light SW breeze that disappeared completely later in the afternoon, leaving us with a picture perfect late evening.

I settled into a spot on the east bank that I hadn't fished before. It was a platform that was awkward to get to as the bank was steep and there wasn't a lot of room to move. However, it was next to a row of small trees that separated me from the next swim and provided a good screen such that movements on the bank didn't disturb any fish in the margins. There was a small reed bed, but on plumbing it was quite shallow in the margin; probably not much more than a couple of feet. Undaunted I fed small pellets and bread flake pellets in before I tackled up. Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (3)

Mirror 3lb 3oz

Mirror 3lb 3oz

The second evening I arrived a bit later, about 18.00 and again fished through to dusk (21.30). It was colder than the previous evening and although the breeze was again into the corner (I fished the same spot) I think it was chilling the water this time. The water temperature, while still warmish, didn't feel quite as high as the day before.

I again waggler fished bread flake and pre-baited with sweet corn, small pellets and rolled bread pellets, and continued to feed.

Things were slower this evening and I had to wait until about 18.30 for my first fish; a 1¼lb common carp. This was followed about half an hour later by a small tench of about 4oz; the only one this evening, which may have been because of the drop in water temperature.

Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (2)

I visited this fishery in July 2007, shortly after it opened. It was interesting to return two years later. The site is still very exposed but bank-side vegetation has increased and the swims have a more mature feel to them. On this occasion I had two evening sessions.

Mirror 1lb 12oz

Mirror 1lb 12oz

This first evening I arrived about 17.00 and fished through to dusk (21.30). The weather was better than in 2007. It started breezy but became calm towards late evening. There was a little light rain. The water temperature felt extremely warm, probably due to the exceptionally warm weather we had had the previous week.

I fished the same corner as in 2007, although noticed that the locals tended to fish on the opposite bank. However, the breeze was into my corner, which was technically an advantage. This time I waggler fished bread flake - I borrowed some maggots last time, and legered because of the wind. Read Full Report...

Kilnsey (1)

For our summer break in 2009 we were staying in a farm house at Cringles, which is on high ground between Addingham and Silsden and not far from the Stake Hill Fishery.

We went to Kilnsey Park Trout Farm where I was able to hire a rod and enjoyed a few hours of somewhat amateurish fly fishing. Read Full Report...

Fields End (41)

Mick, our neighbour's father, was visiting, and being a keen angler I invited him along. So we could keep together I suggested he fish at the opposite end of reed bed that forms part of my 'reed swim'. I knew he would get takes in the margin but warned him that he may lose fish. I fished a bit further along, next to a smaller reed bed; a spot I hadn't fished before. We arrived at 07.00. It was very warm (27ºC the previous day) with a light SE breeze.

He caught a small carp almost immediately and went on to have a good day, whereas my progress was slower. I baited with small pellets and bread flake balls and after losing a couple of fish on float fished flake, I started catching crucian carp; the lost fish were also probably crucians. I had 6 crucians between 9 and 10 o'clock, from about ¾lb to 1lb 14oz. Read Full Report...

Fields End (40)

A bit of a full week meant that I would have to use my only spare day (Tuesday) to go fishing, so as Monday turned out to be calm and warm I went over the lake for the afternoon, arriving at about 14.30.

Choices were limited as there were already quite a few people there, so I went in the reed swim as it was free, knowing full well that the risk of losing fish was high. The middle of the day is always slow so I wasn't surprised that I had to wait for any action. At about 15.30 I had my first good bite float fishing with flake. It felt like a good fish and ran out into the lake rather than into the reeds. However, it managed to slip the hook after about a minute; perhaps I was muscling it to much.

At 16.00 I got a good solid bite that proved to be a nice 2lb 14oz tench. Read Full Report...

Fields End (39)

After losing so many fish in the reed swim and, quite frankly, getting a bit paranoid over the carp, I decided to have a change of approach. Being first on the lake I went for a swim on the west bank that has the benefit of being sheltered from prevailing westerly winds, the forecast for the day being for quite fresh westerlies.

At 07.00 conditions were good; clear blue sky with the westerly being not much more than a breeze. By midday the wind had become quite strong and the sun gave way to white cloud. I was fortunately quite sheltered but others on the lake were commenting on the freshness of the wind.

Although I have fished the swim before, it was a couple of years ago and my general approach has since changed. There are light reeds to the right, and I fed the near edge of the reeds with feed pellets, sweet corn and rolled-up bread balls. I fished a waggler with flake and sweet corn but nothing happened for a while. At one point I looked longingly at my favourite reed swim, but I resisted and stuck it out. This was to be a day when I would fish for what came, and if carp happened along, then so much the better. Read Full Report...

Fields End (38)

A bit of a mixed day.

An 07.00 start again and conditions were good; clear blue sky with a very light SW breeze that dropped completely at various times over the day. At the reed swim again.

As usual, I threw in some feed pellets and rolled-up bread balls while I was tackling up. Starting with a waggler and flake I caught a 2lb 6oz tench at around 08.30, lost a smaller one as it transferred my hook to the reeds and then lost a better fish that slipped the hook while pulling for the reeds. The early tench activity then subsided and I tried some surface fishing, but without any initial success.

Having failed to tempt the carp using floating pellet with a controller float I tried casting a pellet on a free line. This is not easy as there is little weight to help the cast, but the approach yielded two mirror carp, of 6lb 10oz and 6lb 2oz, between 10.00 and 11.00. Things then went quiet again. Read Full Report...

Fields End (37)

Another less than perfect day.

I started at 07.00 and conditions were good, with a light NE breeze that was at my back, making casting and line control reasonably easy. It was colder than it had been but by no means cold. At the reed swim again.

I threw in some feed pellets and rolled-up bread balls while I was tackling up. Starting with a waggler and flake I didn't have any quick positive 'carp' bites. Striking on some less positive bites I felt a couple of fish, and brought back a large fish scale, which suggests the carp were brushing against the line rather than feeding. I hooked a fish just after 08.00 but lost it in the reeds. I had changed from centre pin to my old Mitchell 301 (using 8lb main and 6lb hook length) and the clutch was set too loose. At 08.45 I landed my first fish - a 2lb 10oz tench on float-fished flake. Read Full Report...

Fields End (36)

A day of missed opportunities, frustration and, dare I say, some lessons learned.

Due to a very late night babysitting the grandchildren on Tuesday, I arrived a bit later than normal (08.45) but the reed swim was vacant, so I settled in. It was bright with broken light cloud, very mild and the wind was a fairly light north westerly.

I threw in some feed pellets and rolled-up bread balls while I was tackling up. First cast with a waggler and flake resulted in a quick firm bite, a strong run into the adjacent reeds and one lost hook. Having tied a new hook and re-cast, I got a fiddly bite with the float lifting and dropping; it finally slid away, and again a strong run into the reeds saw my hook disappear. I feel this may have been a tench because of the nature of the bite. Read Full Report...

Fields End (35)

The wind's back; a stiff breeze this time, but a pain none the less. Stuck to the reed swim although with the breeze it was a bit challenging.

Leather 8lb 2oz

Leather 8lb 2oz

First cast I lost my leger striking on a half bite, which wasn't a very auspicious start. Usually I can rely on an early fish but on this occasion I had to wait until just after 09.00 and then it was a nice crucian of 2lb taken on float-fished flake, followed quickly by another of 1lb 14oz. I then lost a fish in the reeds before taking another crucian of 1½lbs.

About an hour later having switched to luncheon meat I took a 3¾lb common and then lost another fish, which took my hook. After another crucian of 1¾lb on flake a really good fish broke me on its initial run. It moved off so fast I didn't release the pressure on the reel rim quickly enough (I was using a centre pin). These big fish catch you out when they come in between crucians, and as if to prove the point the next fish was a crucian of 1½lb. Read Full Report...

Fields End (34)

At last, a day with no wind. Overcast, a bit of drizzle at times and mild. Ideal really.

First cast produced a good solid bite on float-fished flake, a run for the reeds (I was in the reed swim again) and one lost hook! So the first big un got away.

Next cast a mirror of about 2lb, again on flake.

I switched to cheese, as this had worked for the tench a couple of visits ago. This time first fish was a 4½lb mirror, but shortly after a 3lb 6oz tench came to the net. I then lost another fish in the reeds. Another tench came a bit later, this time 2lb 12oz on float-fished flake. Read Full Report...

Fields End (33)

I shouldn't go fishing when there's a strong wind blowing, but as the wind doesn't seem to have let up over the past few weeks that criterion has been difficult to observe. Today was one of those days; it was bright, with light cloud but a strong westerly wind.

In the reed swim again, which to be honest isn't the easiest place to fish in strong wind. I opted for leger as this at least gave me reasonable control of the tackle. Read Full Report...

Fields End (32)

A late start today as I had to do a few things in the morning. Got to the lake at about 11.00 and to my surprise the reed swim was free. It was bright and warm but there was a southerly wind.

My first fish came at 11.50; a 6lb leather taken on legered flake. Soon after a fish slipped the hook.

Just after midday I retrieved the leger to find a solid resistance. There was no positive bite but 6lb 14oz common sprang into life once it knew it was hooked. The bait was luncheon meat. Read Full Report...

Fields End (31)

Tench 3lb 8oz

Tench 3lb 8oz

Back to the reed swim. A bright and chilly start (7ºC) with a southerly breeze.

Things again kicked off quickly with a 3½lb tench on float-fished flake. The tench always fight hard to get back into the reeds whereas some carp head out into the lake.

Twenty minutes later a 6lb common was taken using the same tactics.

Things then slowed down a bit so I went after a carp in the margins using floating crust, and was promptly broken.
Read Full Report...

Fields End (30)

My weekly pilgrimage to the reed swim continues. Today things looked very promising. A beautiful morning following some warm bright days. There was minimal breeze, and what there was did not affect me.

Things started off almost instantly with a bite literally seconds after I cast, resulting in a 4¼lb mirror that fought incredibly hard. This set the pattern and I took two more fish of a similar size by 10.30. I then switched to floating crust/pellet along the reed margin and took three more fish by 13.00, the best being a good looking common of 8¼lb (photo). I was broken by a fish as I tried to stop it burying in the reeds. Read Full Report...

Fields End (29)

After the tricky conditions experienced on 9 April, today was a distinct improvement. It was overcast, there having been storms overnight, and the breeze was light from the NE. I again chose the Reed swim as it offers such a choice of techniques. Float fishing the margin is my current default approach, but there is the option to free line either a floating or sinking bait along the reeds, or if preferred cast out further to deeper water.

I started by float fishing and had reasonably good sport through the early morning, taking the first fish at 07.45, a mirror of about 6lb that was in fact foul-hooked. I then had a tench of about 1½lb, followed by three more mirrors weighing 6lb 6oz, 11lb 0oz (photo) and 5lb 6oz by 09.15. The fish were taken on bread flake and luncheon meat - my staple baits. Read Full Report...

Fields End (28)

I got the 'Reed Swim' again, but only just, as the chap who arrived with me turned out to share my love of it. He fished from the other side of the reeds and although he was using the ubiquitous 2-rod carp set up he was casting one to the margins and the other a short distance out, thus forsaking the distance feeder approach favoured by many. He was, however, using 'boilies' whereas I still stick to bread flake and luncheon meat.

Conditions proved to be appalling with a very strong southerly wind blowing right in my face. It was also overcast and therefore not too warm. I stuck it out but float fishing proved to be impracticable so I changed to a light leger in the margins. Read Full Report...

Fields End (27)

Mirror 12lb 10oz

Mirror 12lb 10oz

Back to the 'Reed Swim' again. This time the weather was more genial. Patchy cloud and a gentle wind combined to give quite a pleasant day.

The conditions allowed float fishing and this resulted in good sport, although all the fish in the morning were quite small. I took 2 commons, 3 crucians and a mirror, all on bread flake. The best common was 5lb (weighed) with the other fish being between 1 - 3lb (estimated).

The afternoon was then very quiet but as is usual at Fields End things hotted up towards evening and I caught 3 mirrors between 17.15 and 18.15 pm, the best being 12lb 10oz. Read Full Report...

Fields End (26)

After two cracking sessions I again went to the lake, this time for the afternoon only as I had to wait in for a delivery in the morning. I was surprised to get my 'Reed Swim' once again.

This time, however, there was a cold NW wind that turned around to a westerly during the afternoon, but remained cold. The wind was creating a circulating current in the lake that was apparent from the drift of the float and I can only guess that the cold surface water was being taken down by this current at the margins and discouraging the fish to feed, as things were very quiet. Read Full Report...

Fields End (25)

Tuesday's session was so successful I returned to the same spot with the same rig (float tackle).

I arrived at 07.00 and didn't have a touch on bread or sweetcorn. Changing to luncheon meat I got a bite first cast; a 10lb 6oz leather carp [09.00]. Read Full Report...

Fields End (24)



After some really disappointing trips in February, which were effectively blanks, I decided to forgo the perceived wisdom of fishing to the middle of the lake and revert to my preferred margin fishing. As the temperature had also increased a bit I was hopeful that this would prove more productive. I also decided to switch to conventional float fishing (waggler) and use lighter tackle; a carbon Avon style rod with centre-pin reel and and 4lb hook-length.

The weather was settled, bright with high cloud and a light NNE wind. I fished my favourite NE corner (the Reed Swim) and this placed me in the lee of the wind.

Well, whether it was the change in technique or just the improving temperature, I caught fish through the day. These were mainly smaller carp, and surprisingly mostly commons. Read Full Report...

Fields End (23)

Another blank day.

The weather was overcast following a brief period of sunny breaks during the morning but it felt quite mild because of the complete absence of any wind throughout the day. Conditions in fact seemed good, but nobody told the fish. Read Full Report...

Fields End (22)

I've obviously a bit to learn about winter carp fishing. Following a couple of disappointing trips last October I decided to give the lake another try, having sat out the worst of the winter weather.

The very cold spell through January and early February meant that the water was still very cold and I didn't expect great sport. It was a cold day but at around 9 degrees far warmer than it had been. The wind was a gentle north-westerly and, to be honest, it wasn't a bad day for fishing. The fish, however, were less than cooperative. Read Full Report...

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