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Fields End (8)

Weather looked good, so off to the lake again.

Another beautiful September day; warm, bright but with a nuisance breeze that made free-lining tricky. See the early morning picture below.

Fished the same place as on the 7th. Very slow! Nobody seemed to be catching. Got a 10lb fish just before lunch but it was foul-hooked in the pectoral fin. Missed a few tentative bites on the surface, but fish weren't feeding convincingly. Read Full Report...

Fields End (7)

Had some spare time on a day off so went over to the lake at 4.00 pm. Good decision!

It was a beautiful September day; warm, bright and just a breath of wind.

Couldn't get my 'spot', but this turned out to be fortuitous. I fished a swim near the car park where I had seen others do well. I free-lined some bread flake by the reeds and threw in some dog biscuits. Carp immediately started to take the biscuits. I changed to floating crust and quickly was in to my first fish; it turned out to be a 14lb 12oz Leather. I knew it was big when its head came out to take the crust! Read Full Report...

Butlers Hill (1)

Helen was working at Chipping Norton on 3 September so we stayed in the town overnight and I visited the local Butlers Hill Fishery.

I was first on the fishery and took a corner swim on the first lake. This is the deepest of three lakes with allegedly the biggest carp. It is a small lake but very 'inviting'. The corner swim was ideal for stalking carp up against the reed beds. Read Full Report...

Fields End (6)

Fourth time this year - really 'hooked'.

The day started chilly and damp - but quiet as there were very few people and cars were banned from the bank because of recent heavy rain. It got out brighter about 1.00 pm and warmed up considerably by the end of the day.

Same spot, but things were really quiet. Missed one good pull before getting the first carp (2lb 11oz) at 9.00 am. The carp didn't feed well off the top all day, but I did spot a couple around 10.0 am. Caught a really good looking 8lb fish on floating crust, followed by a smaller one of 4lb. Nothing else off the top all day! Read Full Report...

Fields End (5)

Another day at The Lake.

The day started perfectly. A mist over the water; classic 'tench' conditions. The day was very hot with a light wind. Read Full Report...

Fields End (4)

Well, I remembered the camera this time!

The weather was perfect but the day started slowly. Apparently there had been a match on the Sunday and a lot of bait was thrown in, leaving the fish rather full.

I fished the same swim as on the 19th. Takes were poor around the lake and I think I did as well as, if not better than most people. I employed free lining throughout the day but varied both bait and approach to get results: some bottom fishing and some floating bait. While I didn't match the biggest fish of my earlier visit numbers were up (all fish were weighed): Read Full Report...

Fields End (3)

Now here's a fishy tale that you can chose to believe or dismiss as fanciful rantings.

I've been keen to get back to Fields End since the successful trips I had last year. Finally the weather forecast was favourable and off I went.

I got there as it opened (7.00 am) and set off for the same swim as I fished in 2006. The reeds had closed in, leaving a much smaller opening, making what was a tricky swim even harder. After a slow start, when a number of carp inspected my floating crust and shied away, things really improved. The catch order was as follows: Read Full Report...

Stake Hill (1)

While on holiday in Yorkshire in June/July 2007 I visited the Stake Hill Fishery, that was newly opened (in April) and offered good mixed fishing, albeit fish sizes were quite small. The lake was high on the dale in a nice setting but the weather was awful on the day, with a cold wind blowing and no sun; but it was dry. None the less, I battled on and didn't do too bad. Read Full Report...

River Wharfe (2)

I fished the River Wharfe from behind the cottage in which we were staying.
Read Full Report...

River Wharfe (1)

Two weeks in a holiday cottage with a garden that went down to the River Wharfe promised much, but alas 2007 is the year of the floods and the river was well above its normal level. Read Full Report...

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