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Fields End (2)

Second trip to this lake. Fished the same swim as I had gained some familiarity with the layout etc. This time I took a medium carp rod with 6lb line and used a size 8 heavy duty barbless hook. I also took some scales.

Got my first bite on floating crust fairly quickly but didn't set the hook properly. Fish came off after about 20 seconds. Read Full Report...

Fields End (1)



I tried a new lake today: Fields End near Doddington. It's only a 25 minute bike ride from Chatteris so I went armed with one rod, a landing net and a small selection of terminal tackle. Oh, and a small fresh loaf for bait.

Largish fish were 'plopping' everywhere so I tried floating crust with no float, no weight: I just wet it for weight and cast carefully.

Bingo - a largish carp on second cast. It headed for open water but in my enthusiasm I brought it in too quickly. It promptly embedded itself in the bull rushes and with light tackle I was doomed to lose it: and I did. Read Full Report...

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