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Market Drayton (7)

A classic tench morning (08.00 to 09.15) and my last day at the lake.

Overnight rain had chilled the air and mist hung over the water.
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Market Drayton (6)

Another morning session: 07.30 to 10.00

Lost a fish after about 30 seconds, probably a tench. Missed some other pulls on free line.

Ultimately landed a bream of about 1lb.

I returned in the evening (17.00 to 22.00), which was again warm and balmy. The first tench came quite quickly, a fish of 3lb. Read Full Report...

Market Drayton (5)

Evening session from 18.00 to 21.40

A change of tactics. I bought some luncheon meat and upgraded to 6lb line with an 8 hook.

The weather remained warm and still. Read Full Report...

Market Drayton (4)

Tried a morning session today; 07.30 to 09.30.

Troubled by small fish and felt three larger ones, but didn’t hook any.

A perfect tench morning came to nothing. Read Full Report...

Market Drayton (3)

Another evening visit, 17.00 to 21.00, as we were on holiday and went out during the day.

Used same approach as previous day, at the same spot. I noticed fish rising to discarded crusts so tried casting flake with a float and no shot.

First cast the float shot away and I made contact with a large fish. At first I thought it was a carp, but it turned out to be a 3lb 6oz tench landed after a tussle. Read Full Report...

Market Drayton (2)

Second evening and I fished the second swim on the far bank having seen a local there earlier in the day.

I again fished through the reeds but there was more open water, although still shallow at about a foot deep. There were lily pads about 20ft to the right. Read Full Report...

Market Drayton (1)

After walking around the lake earlier in the afternoon I went down for the evening. I fished the first fishable swim on the far bank, the lake being generally overgrown.

I fished through marginal reeds with lily pads to the left. It was very shallow and coloured. It was a warm still evening. Read Full Report...

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