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Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

This film continues the story from the first Deadpool, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Rather than repeat all the reasons why I enjoyed it, I would refer you to that first review, which sets the scene nicely.

This time we start with Deadpool in a thoroughly suicidal mood after the love of his life, Vanessa (aka Copycat) is killed by one of the low-lives he had previously tried to take out. But Deadpool is seemingly really indestructible, to the extent that being atomised by barrels of high explosive still doesn't do the trick. Instead his bits are recovered by Colossus from the X-Men and taken to the X-Mansion for him to recover, or should we say regenerate. He agrees to be a trainee X-Man to moderate his rather extreme style. His first assignment is to an incident at the Mutant Re-education Center, where a young mutant, Russell, aka Firefist, is threatening all kinds of retribution. This doesn't go well, Deadpool siding with the young boy and taking a lethal view towards the staff of the establishment. This results in Deadpool and Russell being arrested and incarcerated, high-tech neck bracelets being used to negate their superpowers.

Things then become even weirder as a cybernetic soldier, Cable, appears on the scene, having travelled back from the future where the adult Russell killed his family. Cable's mission, therefore, is to kill Russell and thus change history. We're always told that you shouldn't do that. He carries his dead daughter's teddy bear, blackened by Russell's firestorm, the success of his mission being confirmed if the teddy reverts to its original pristine state. Cable breaks into the facility where Deadpool and Russell are being held. After a bit of a battle Cable and Deadpool escape but Russell takes refuge in the highly restricted area occupied by the mutant Juggernaut, whom he sort of befriends, and the two of them are later taken away in a heavily armed convoy to be transferred to another prison.

At this point Deadpool brings together a team of mutants to rescue Russell, calling it the the X-Force. This doesn't go well either, in fact it's a disaster, but it serves to take us into the final act where we see whether Cable will effect his final solution, or if Deadpool will alter the course of history by more subtle means. It all gets very Sci-Fi, and everything is nicely set up for Deadpool 3.

Like the first film we have a lot of humour and special effects. The trademark slow-mo sequences of the first film weren't so evident this time, or perhaps I didn't notice them as they are now 'old-hat'. But the ation is almost non-stop. Enjoy.

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