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Traffic Announcements (TA) glitch sorted

My Merc SLC will be two years old in September and since I took delivery the traffic announcements have refused to appear. Much playing around with settings in the information system produced no results and a software update at the first service didn't help either. The weird thing was that if selected to a local radio station, then the announcements from that station appeared, which was of little use of course, as you would hear them anyway while listening to the station. But with national stations, nothing, other than a slight dip in the sound when we thought one was trying to cut in.

More in hope than expectation, at the two-year service a week or so ago I again mentioned the problem. On that day the software updating system wasn't working, apparently, but today we returned and left the car for a couple of hours to have the system updated. Of course, the only way of checking if the update achieved anything is to await a traffic announcement, so when we collected the car we didn't know if the problem had been resolved. But, encouragingly, when I plugged in my iPhone to Car Play, I had to negotiate a number of pages of agreement terms that required acceptance, confirming that at least something significant had changed.

We were almost home, a journey approaching an hour, and no announcements had appeared. Beginning to fear yet another failure, much to our surprise Radio Cambridge traffic popped up.

Bingo, problem sorted.

TAStock image

Mercedes Me - It's finally working

Mercedes Me allows you to communicate with your car, offering a range of services, some free and some requiring a subscription. I registered for Me when I got the car but all attempts to get the iPhone app to connect failed, with a message saying that the vehicle hadn't been activated and that I should visit the web portal to do this; but the web portal showed the car activated, thus getting me nowhere. The dealership wasn't much help and for a while I had decided just not to bother, but recently I thought I would have another try.

I thought that if I bought one of the subscription packages this might kick-start the service. I chose the 'Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status', as this seemed the most useful, but this little ploy didn't make any difference. Having paid out money a call to customer services was now unavoidable, where I spoke to a very helpful women in the Netherlands who agreed that something wasn't quite right and said she would refer the matter to the technical people and get back to me. This she duly did, advising me that there had been a back-server problem, which I guess means that my car for some reason wasn't communicating with base, or perhaps base wasn't communicating with me. Whatever, my Me is now operative.

I can now view vehicle status information on the web portal:

Mercedes Me web portal

Or the iPhone app, which provides similar data and also has the ability to open and close the car doors.

Mercedes Me - iPhone app

Is all this necessary you may ask. Well, obviously not, but if you're of a technical bent and like this sort of thing, it is of course indispensable!

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