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Some memorabilia from the trips to France I’ve undertaken to improve my French.
  • Le Plessis Bouchard - Paris - 2013
    Le Plessis Bouchard - Paris - 2013

    I spent a month in Paris where I lodged with a French family.

    Noémie, my host, is on my left, her son Quentin on my right, her eldest son Thomas on her left, then her youngest, Baptiste, then her husband Olivier.

    A very enjoyable month with a very friendly family.
  • Yves and me, Montmartre - Paris 2013
    When I spent a month in Paris in 2013, Yves, one of my Skype linguistic partners met me and over a couple of days introduced me to the city.

    He had also made earlier enquiries to try to find me organisations where I could help out to provide better immersion in the language. This is how I became involved at La Maison pour tous in Nanterre.

    The photo shows Yves and me at the top of the steps up to Montmartre.
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  • Senlis - April 2013
    Senlis - April 2013

    While I was in Paris I travelled one weekend to Senlis to meet a woman who I used to speak with on a language exchange site.

    Here we are, with her mother and two friends, after our lunch.
    Senlis 2013
  • Community Centre English class - Nanterre - Paris - 2013
    Community Centre English Class

    Paps, the tall coloured guy at the back, ran an English class at the EFEL Centre (see next section), but he also organised a class in a community centre in Nanterre Prefecture.

    He asked me if I would mind coming along. Why not?
    Communinity Centre 2013
  • Maison Pour Tous - English Class - Nanterre - Paris 2013
    Maison Pour Tous English Evening Class

    I helped out at an English Class at the Maison Pour Tous in Nanterre, which was good fun.

    Especially when Paps, the class tutor, asked me to explain things in French!
    Maison Pour Tous Class 2013
  • Lunch invitation - Nanterre Ville - Paris 2013
    Traditional North African lunch

    On the last Sunday of my stay in Paris I went for lunch with the family of Samia, a woman who I had met when helping out at the English class in Nanterre. She is the one standing between her two sisters in the lower picture.

    It was traditional northern African food and was quite an experience.
    Lunch Nanterre Ville 2013
    The family - nanterre Vill - 2013
  • Club 50 French Course - Nice - 2015
    Club 50

    In May 2015 I enrolled in a French immersion class in Nice, on the Côte d’Azur. It is run by a college known as Alpha B.

    It was for people over 50: Club 50.

    This is our group.
    Club 50 Nice 2015
  • Host French Family - Nice - 2015

    Mon appartement à Nice

    I actually stayed in Nice for a month with a French family.

    The apartment was only a few minutes from the Promenade des Anglais, the famous sea-front walk in Nice.
    Host family Nice 2015
  • Back to Paris to meet the ‘Maison Pour Tous’ people - Nanterre 2015
    In Paris again

    Helen and I spent two weeks in Paris in September 2015 and I went over to see the people where I had helped out at the Maison Pour Tous English class - see above.
    Maison Pour Tous reunion 2015
  • A holiday with a fair bit of French speaking - Nice 2016
    I enjoyed Nice so much in 2015 that Helen and I returned the following year. This was a holiday, not a French learning trip, but our landlady was quite happy to speak to me in French, as were a number of shopkeepers and other people we met while out and about.

    In reality, I probably spoke as much French as I did when I came for the immersion course.

    The picture shows us relaxing in the Exotic Gardens at Eze Village.
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  • With Ludo and his family - Lyon 2018
    We spent a week in Lyon in 2018 and one of my linguistic partners, Ludo, with whom I had been speaking for many years, drove over from Le Jura to spend the day with us.

    After years of communicating only over Skype it was great to spend time together
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