Kilburnlad | Welcome
Kilburnlad | Welcome
Hi, I'm Bob and this is my web indulgence.
I was born in Kilburn, London, thus my web name, which I try to use as a handle at all my social media locations. You can find out more about me on the Kilburnlad page.

I created my first personal web site in 2001 writing HTML code in a text editor. I now use RapidWeaver on the Mac, a design package that does most of the hard work for you but still allows a large amount of customisation.

This is very much a personal website in which I record my exploits on the river bank and on the golf course. There is also a photography gallery, reflecting another life-long interest, and a considerable number of film reviews, including many from French cinema.

When I retired in 2008, at the age of 60, I made a personal commitment to learn French. I have since written a book that I hope may help others who are considering learning this quite challenging language. I self-published in November 2018. To accompany the book I've created a similarly named website French at 60 and a dedicated Facebook page.
  • Blog Headlines
    Chasing unicorns (or transcription software!)
    Occasionally one gets off on the wrong foot and no matter how obvious this becomes you doggedly persevere.In this case I was investigating transcription software, my aim to be able to obtain text ...
    Redesigned Film Search page
    I've redesigned the alphabetical listing for my film reviews using modal pop-ups to replace the previous show/reveal arrangement.There is now a full alphabetical selection rather than groups of ...
  • Fenland
    We live in Fenland, in a town called Chatteris. The area has a Civil War history, nearby Huntingdon being the birthplace of Oliver Cromwell. The road from Chatteris to Ely is named Irton’s Way, after the Parliamentary general Henry Irton, son-in-law to Oliver Cromwell. It was constructed to convey troops from Chatteris to Ely.

    Our house also has a bit of history, being built on the site of a former ginger beer factory.
  • Golf
    Having acquired the Game Golf system as a Christmas present I added this section to the site in December 2015 as I thought I could use the Game Golf analysis as part of a Golf Diary. This will be for the general amusement of people like me, who are trying, often with limited success, to master the game of golf.

    I took up golf a few years ago after my wife, Helen, started playing. I had accompanied her to the course a few times and decided to give it a go, whereafter it sucked me in. It must be one of the most difficult and most frustrating participant sports known to man. I have the utmost admiration for those who can consistently play this game at a high level, and regard the top tour players with awe.

    For more details of how I became involved and how I’ve progressed (if that’s the right word!) please have a look at the My Golf page.
  • Photography
    I've always enjoyed photography and bought my first 35mm camera when I was about 13, a Halina 35X. I progressed to a Practika Super TL and then a Pentax ME Super. The Pentax stood me in good stead until I could afford to enter the digital market. My digital Nikon Coolpix 5700 with its electronic viewfinder was a great disappointment after the superb optical viewfinder on the Pentax ME Super, and it wasn't until I bought the Pentax *ist DS that I felt I was approaching the experience of my film-based Pentax.

    My photography is incidental rather than planned, holidays being obvious opportunities. As an angler I have spent quite a lot of time by water, which provided me with wildlife and scenic opportunities. The garden is also an ever-changing natural studio.

    The galleries on this site offer a selection of the many hundreds of images that I've taken over the years. I also have a draw full of photographic prints and negatives that I doubt I shall ever have time to go through, let alone sort and scan.
  • Fishing
    My Fishing Diary has had a long-standing presence on this site and in the past I have received contacts from people who have come across it and found it interesting.

    A summary is displayed for each entry, rather than the full reports, although these can still be viewed by clicking the ‘Read Full Report…’ link. This allows quicker browsing of the entries.

    Please use the categories to view posts for a specific venue, or the tags to select posts for a specific species.

    The Best Fish Gallery is exactly what it says, and there are details of the places I fish, the format of each having been updated when the site was last redesigned.
  • Cinema
    I usually go to the cinema once a week in addition to watching the occasional DVD and films on Amazon Prime. In the spare bedroom we have a TV with an Amazon Fire dongle and that's where I watch mainly French language films while exercising on a static bike.

    The Cinema section of this site has the films that I have reviewed, including those transferred from my former Kilburnlad in Retirement blog. There is also a search facility to help find any particular film.
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