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Back on the course

After a fairly long break I ventured out yesterday. My back is still a bit suspect so I decided to take a less ambitious approach to my game. With the weather now looking much better, and the fairways firming up, I reverted to a hybrid for my fairway shots, occasionally opting for my 3-wood where space allowed for a wayward shot. Both these clubs are less demanding on my body than the irons, which I tend to swing a lot faster. So, that was the strategy.

It started well on the 1st. My drive wasn't long, and drifted a bit right, but it didn't reach the ditch. Two hybrids later I was about 90 yards from the green (I didn't take my Garmin or the Game Golf device). I then surprised myself by putting the ball on the green for 4 on this par 5. Unfortunately I then three-putted for a nett bogey 7. But it was a surprisingly good start.

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Golf in the doldrums

If indeed anybody reads this diary, they may have wondered why there have been no reports since 5 February. The reason, pure and simple, is that I've hardly played since then, and when I have it's been so dire as not to warrant a report. I did in fact play, badly, on 15 February, but that was the last time until this Monday, 19 March.

So why? Well, there's the poor play, obviously, but there's also the fact that my body, or to be more precise my back, seems to be suffering much more lately after playing golf. My lay-off since February brought with it the disappearance of my sciatica, which immediately re-appeared when I played again this week. And, of course, there's been the appalling weather this winter, with the course being very wet and muddy.

Monday's game wasn't great. My drives weren't bad, if a bit misdirected at times, but I seemed to have lost the ability to hit irons. The upshot was a round of 60, including two nines and an eight. I played again today (Thursday), and far from improving, things seemed to get worse. Only one nine, but two eights and far too many muffed iron shots. Perversely I did manage a par 3 out of the bunker on the 3rd, which was decidedly against the run of play. And my sciatica was severe, with my left leg almost giving way a couple of times. I came in with a 62 for the nine holes, feeling absolutely dejected.

The due date for next year's subs is 6 April and I am now seriously considering whether to reduce my membership to Associate, and to play perhaps only once or twice a month. I feel that I have been going backwards for quite a while now in terms of play, and to be honest I'm not sure that I will reverse that trend. Better players than me are declining with age, so as a relative novice to the game, perhaps I can hardly expect to be improving having celebrated my 70th birthday in January.

So if anybody does read this diary, there may be a few sporadic reports going forward, but I fear the regular weekly stories are unlikely to continue. However, I have a Texas scramble next week, long since arranged, and I have been asked to play in another scramble Easter Monday, which I shall try to do. After that, who knows?

Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 05/02/18

It was really cold today. After five minutes warm up on the putting green my hands were frozen. But it was bright, and the wind was much lighter, if bitterly cold.

My hopes of improved iron shots after last Thursday's deliberations did not materialise. After a reasonable drive off the first tee I topped the 4-iron, sending the ball left and less than 20 yards. The next was better, and I was nearly on the green with my fourth shot. A chip on and two putts for a nett bogey 7. We were playing off mats again and on the 2nd I floored the driver, causing the ball to go right and run into the ditch, where it was lost. A penalty drop was followed by a poor 5-iron that left me well short. The pitching wedge got me on but three putts left me with a blobbed 7.

My driver shot on the short 3rd only avoided the 'seasonal' lake to the right because it bounced back off a tree. A low 7-iron got me on the green and two putts gave me a nett birdie 4. Having just avoided the bunker with my drive on the 4th my 6-iron was poor, leaving me on a raised bank. I took my 5-iron to go for the green, but again the shot wasn't clean, leaving me well short. Then I muffed the pitch, needing another to get on for 5. Two putts for a nett bogey 7.
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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 01/02/18

Today offered up a brief respite from the seemingly endless rain this winter, the temperature having dropped accentuated by a 20 mph cold wind. Hardly ideal, especially as the ground was still pretty soft. Thankfully the greens were open but we did have to play off mats, positioned forward of the normal tee boxes. Making the right tee peg choice was sometimes difficult, with the rubber inserts positioned at different depths in the mats, thus either decreasing or increasing the height of whatever tee you would normally use.

A good drive on the 1st was promptly wasted as I was high on the ball with my 4-iron, gaining me less than 60 yards. I then pulled the next 4-iron shot sending the ball through the trees to the left. It fortunately found its way through without impact, leaving me an awkward shot to the green that was obstructed by a high tree. I opted to steer right of the tree, meaning that the ball dropped to the right and short of of the green, and it was plugged. I took a free drop and pitched on, then put in a long putt for a nett par 6. Quite amazing considering the chequered approach.

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Lakeside Lodge - Lodge Course - 18/01/18

It's been a long time since my last report. In fact I haven't played much golf. A combination of aches and pains, Christmas, appalling weather, a virus, and a general apathy to going out on a course that has been subjected to day after day of rain. I did in fact play after my last report in November, but I forgot my Game Golf device, and played very badly, so I didn't bother to report the day. I also played in a Texas scramble at the beginning of December, but again played badly. So, how did things go this time? Well, it started not too badly, but then went downhill.

The 1st started very well, with a reasonable drive and two 4-irons getting me pin high. But, unfortunately, I had drifted left and was in the bunker. I got out but was short of the green. A chip on and two putts gave me a nett bogey 7, which was a disappointment. On the 2nd I drove the right-side ditch and lost my ball. A reasonable recovery after a drop left me just short of the green, but my pitch was long and I needed two putts for a nett bogey 6.

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